Sales Order App, Invoice App, Estimate App & Time Card App for Quickbooks

By Jason Good on November 12, 2012

Sales Order App, Invoice App, Estimate App, & Time Card App for Quickbooks

We had not written about this in a while so I thought it was time to re-visit the ability to integrate GoCanvas with Quickbooks.  With GoCanvas you can fill out Sales Orders, Invoices, Estimates, and Time Cards on your Android, Blackberry (Including PlayBook), and Apple (iPhone/iPad) devices (phones and tablets).  The information you capture can then be automatically dumped into your desktop version of Quickbooks so you do not have re-enter the data manually.  This is a more advanced use of GoCanvas, but it is possible if you set aside some time to get it all set up.

GoCanvas worked with a partner called The Data Collaborative who created an integration tool (Called the “Canvas Quickbooks Connector”) that will connect a desktop version of Quickbooks (Not a “cloud” version hosted by Quickbooks) to GoCanvas so data can be collected on mobile devices and dumped automatically right into Quickbooks via a syncronization process.  There are 4 pre-built GoCanvas Apps in our Application Store that are designed specifically to function with the “Canvas Quickbooks Connector” software:

  1. Quickbooks Sales Order App
  2. Quickbooks Invoice App
  3. Quickbooks Estimate App
  4. Quickbooks Timecard App

Once the data is dumped into Quickbooks, then you can do everything you're used to doing in Quickbooks…you just didn't have to enter the data by hand!  This can save you an enormous amount of time allowing you to invoice customers sooner and collect payment sooner.  GoCanvas works on all of the most popular mobile platforms, too, so you can use your Android phone or tablet, your iPhone or iPad, or your Blackberry phone or tablet (PlayBook).  Your employees can use any of those devices they want!

There are some additional one-time fees associated with using the “Canvas Quickbooks Connector” in addition to the ongoing fees associated with using Canvas. You'll pay a one-time fee of $150.00 for the software plus a one-time $50.00 fee per GoCanvas App (Listed above) that you want to utilize and integrate with Quickbooks.  These one-time fees are paid to Data Collaborative.  

You can sign-up for a free 30 day trial of the “Canvas Quickbooks Connector” and a free 30 day trial of Canvas.  This will allow you to test this out from end to end to ensure that it will function for your business or organization.  

Sign-up for your free trial of GoCanvas and then visit this HELP topic for step-by-step instructions to test out a connection between Quickbooks and GoCanvas. There is a wide selection of GoCanvas apps in addition to the ones that integrate with Quickbooks, such as this general timecard app. This solution allows you to reclaim all of that time you spend entering data by hand into Quickbooks and use it for something else!