Resources Designed to Help You Navigate COVID-19

By Sara Kaplow on May 12, 2020
Tags: COVID-19 Resources

At GoCanvas, we understand that there can be a “lot” to keep track of and consider as you work through the circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic. During this uncertain time, we wanted to help navigate some of the financial and logistical challenges you may be facing. Here’s a package of resources designed specifically for small businesses.

Thinking of re-opening your business after Covid-19? Read on:


Your Guide to Getting Physical Spaces Ready to Reopen


6 Tools You Need to Keep Your Team and Customers Safe


5 things you need to know before launching Covid-19 Employee Screenings


4 things to know about collecting employee health information


Things to keep in mind as you reopen your business after covid-19


4 ways to keeping your team and customers safe during covid-19


Steps to implement safety procedures and reduce employee risk


3 ways to reduce risk while serving customers


Everything you need to know to reduce risk with Employee Health Screenings


Looking for financial resources for your business? Start here:


What Federal Loan Programs are Available to Help My Small Business?


What Is Being Done to Support Small Businesses During the Pandemic?


How Do I Know What Federal Programs I’m Eligible For?


How Do I Apply for Federal Loans?


How Do I Track My Federal Loan Applications?


When Will I Receive Money From A Federal Loan?


How Much Funding Should I Ask for When Applying for Federal Loans?


How Do I Find Additional Funding for Small Businesses?


Where Can I Get Personal Advice on Funding?