Release Notes: My GoCanvas released out of Beta and more PDF improvements….

By Joe Baldwin on March 11, 2013

We have had a very busy past few weeks since our last release, here are some key additions:

My Canvas

We have now fully released My GoCanvas out of Beta allowing GoCanvas subscribers to share their data with their customers via a web portal ( If you would like to learn more about My GoCanvas click here. If you like what you see then follow this link to get set up!

PDF Modifications

We added a few new features to allow you even more control over the GoCanvas generated PDF:

  • Show screen name – you can now remove the name of your screens by deselecting “Show screen name” in the app builder. It is currently defaulted to Yes on all newly created apps.

  • PDF font size – many of our users have been requesting to have the default size of their apps show in 10 point font instead of 12. So, now all newly created apps will have a default font in the body of the PDF of 10. Along with this we have added the ability for you to select the size of the font in the header of your PDF. It is currently set as defaulted to 12 point font but you can easily modify it just like the body of the PDF. To modify the PDF font size simply click the More dropdown to the right of your app and select PDF Options -> PDF font sizes.

  • Removal of lines on the PDF – Another request we heard from users was to have the ability to remove some of the lines on the PDF. Now you have the ability to remove lines under the screen name, the line after a screen and the lines between field descriptions and the values entered. To modify the lines on the PDF simply click the More dropdown to the right of your app, select PDF Options -> PDF lines.

Contact Us!

As always, we here at GoCanvas strive to bring you the best paper-free way to to help get your job done. We value all of our users input so if you have any ideas, suggestions or even a complaint dont hesitate to let us know.