Release Notes: Emails for Users You’ve Added, Date Picker Improvements, and New Calculation Field Experience

By Sara Kaplow on March 18, 2019
Tags: GoCanvas Product News, GoCanvas Release Notes

Greetings, all! We have some exciting new updates to share with you from this past weekend’s release. While much of this release consisted of “behind-the-scenes” updates enabling us to bring you even more improvements in the future, we acted on some of your awesome feedback about things we could do to help improve your experience using GoCanvas.

Join My Team

Admins, rejoice! We know you’ve got enough on your plate as it is, so we’ve streamlined the process behind getting your team’s logins set up and onboarded with the GoCanvas app.

  • If the added user is a Company User role, this user will be prompted to download the mobile app. This user will not be prompted to sign in to the website, since they are primarily using the mobile app to do their work
  • If the added user is a Company Designer, Reporter, or Admin, this user will be prompted to log in to the website
  • Any added user who needs to set their own password will be able to do so

This will give newly added users the option to have control over their own login credentials. Most importantly, it will help set them up quickly to start doing work in GoCanvas as soon as possible.

Date Picker Improvements

We heard your feedback and made the following improvements to the date picker default settings throughout our website:

  • Start Date time defaults to 12:00am
  • End Date time defaults to 11:59pm
  • Changing the Start Date time does NOT automatically influence the End Date time entry
  • When a user selects a date, then selects a time for that date, and then changes the date, the selected time will remain the same

You’ll find these date pickers in places you typically filter by date such as Export Submissions for an App.

App Builder Calculation UX/UI Improvements

Inside the App Builder, we’ve improved the way users set up Calculation fields. All of the functionality remains the same, but we’ve made the process more visually friendly. It also sets us up to have more “room” to work with for adding new functionality and improvements in the future.

In action:


Our online Community offers you the opportunity to comment on our releases, request new functionality and vote for functionality requested by other GoCanvas customers. Jump in and take a look!