Release Notes: Dispatch Calendar has Arrived!

By Jason Good on May 29, 2017
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GoCanvas is all about getting work done and saving time.  With this release we introduce our latest time-saver, the GoCanvas Dispatch Calendar!  We built the Dispatch feature years ago and always planned to add a calendar feature to help our customers schedule their jobs and easily see who is doing what.

Time-Saving Highlights

Businesses have better things to spend their time on than chasing paper around and trying to figure out who is doing what. Our Dispatch Calendar was built so your employees can focus on doing what they do best.

Day View

The day view will place your employees across the top of the calendar so you can quickly see what time slots are open for new appointments. You can quickly tell your customers what slots are open and get them scheduled.

Visual Indicators

The status of each scheduled job is easily determined with visual indicators allowing you to see what is going on and know if a job is in jeopardy. You can see if the dispatch has been downloaded to the assigned user's device or not. You can easily see any dispatches that are not assigned to anyone yet. Jobs that are completed are identifiable at a glance. Your users are color coded so you also know who is doing what.

Click to Schedule

You can click on any time slot to schedule your dispatch. You can then choose the GoCanvas app your users need and fill in the fields they need to get the job started. Add the address of the job site, contact name, phone number and anything else your mobile user needs.

Add to Calendar

You also have the option of sending a calendar invitation to your mobile users via email so they can add appointments to their own calendars. If they are using Outlook or Google Calendar or Apple they can quickly add their appointments to their own calendar so they can stay on track. You can also create a reminder to notify your mobile users of upcoming appointments.

Learn More

We have a Help topic with a video that will teach you how to use Dispatch Calendar.


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