Release Notes: Delete via API, Mobile Usability Enhancements and Business Insight Update

By Jason Good on May 23, 2018

Greetings GoCanvas nation! Can we call ourselves a nation yet?!  Well, I’m doin’ it! We are excited to put out another release for our amazing customers

Web Updates

There are a couple of things we added to the web side of the GoCanvas platform in this release. This includes updates to our Android, iOS and Windows platforms.  You can get the latest version of GoCanvas by visiting on your device.

Delete Submissions via API

We have added the capability to delete submissions with our API. I know a number of customers have wanted this for a while and we now have it available to you.  We will have our API documentation updated soon.  But contact support by submitting a ticket if you are anxious to get going.

First Screen Added by Default

In the Builder we now automatically add your first screen for you. Previously when creating a new GoCanvas app you had to add your first screen manually.  Now we do it for you.  We know, it is the little things that count the most!

Mobile Updates

We made a round of usability updates on the mobile device to help our mobile users work faster and more efficiently. Some of these updates do not apply to our Windows Desktop app and that is indicated below.  But they are all supported by Android and iOS versions of GoCanvas.

Long Text Field – Full Screen

First of all, you could already do this with our Windows App so this doesn’t apply to that version of our software.

Now you can make a long text field take up your entire screen so you can see all of your text while typing.  You will find an “expand” icon in the upper right of the field.  When you tap that you will get the full screen view.

Grid View Enhancements

When you “Loop” a screen in a GoCanvas app you also have the ability to display that screen as a “Grid” instead of the standard Loop screen view. For those not familiar, here is where you set your Loop screen Style to “Grid” or “Grid Pre-populated” (If you use a Dropdown for the Key Field a Grid Pre-populated will show the values in the Dropdown in the first column of the Grid on mobile.).  Learn more about Grids here.

We have enhanced this view so you collect data faster.  We have updated the behavior of certain fields to save our users “clicks” when filling out their GoCanvas apps.

  • GPS Fields – If you have a GPS in a Grid then you can now capture it from the Grid view itself instead of having to view all of the fields in the Grid for that item.
  • Photo Fields – Same as GPS, you can now capture a photo right from the Grid view itself.
  • Dropdown Fields – Following the same theme as above, you can make your choice from a Dropdown field from within the Grid view.  After you make your choice you will be returned to the Grid view.

Loop Item – Advance to Next

As a note, this has NOT been added to our Windows Desktop app but will be shortly.

We have also added the ability for mobile users to advance to the next item in a Loop (If there is a next item) using directional arrows at the top of the screen.  If you have Grid Pre-populated enabled then you can advance to the next item using the arrow instead of returning to the main Grid screen.  Again, this is all about letting the mobile user work faster.

If there is an item before an item then you will get a directional arrow to move back to the previous item.

Business Insights – Support for Departments

We have updated our Business Insights tool to support Departments.  Now you can easily separate your data in Excel with the tool allowing you to create dashboards that are specific to a certain department or group of departments.

Our Business Insights tool is a plugin for Microsoft Excel.  It gives you the ability to do the following:

  1. Download submission data (Now by department!)
  2. Upload Reference Data
  3. Upload Dispatches

If you want the latest version, please submit a ticket or if you have the link from the first time you downloaded it, you can go back to that link for the latest version.

It is a GREAT tool even if you only do 1 of the above items.  It will save you a ton of time. It is available to anyone on the Professional plan.  Learn more about Business Insights.  If you’re interested in upgrading your plan and getting Business Insights, please contact


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