5 Ways Real Estate/Property Management Companies Benefit from GoCanvas Mobile Apps

By matthew bubna-litic on September 17, 2013

Real estate GoCanvas ipad Forms

GoCanvas is constantly on the lookout for industries that benefit from our services. The property management sector provides some of the most positive responses.  See five reasons why real estate firms choose GoCanvas.

1. No More Paper!

Real estate agents everywhere rejoice! GoCanvas spells the end of lugging around large packs of paperwork. We all dread that awkward moment when you need to fill out paper forms and there’s not a bench in sight. With GoCanvas, no more leaning against the wall scribbling notes or borrowing a clients back to write on. A tablet not only looks more professional, but  with drop downs and auto-fill text, also makes it faster and easier to fill out your forms.

2. No More Delays

From the beginning, GoCanvas delivers  immediately and tangible benefits for property management businesses: . Delays caused by illegible handwriting or missing fields can make or break a sale. GoCanvas not only makes illegible handwriting history, but also can make fields required. Thus, the form can't be submitted before all necessary fields are filled.

3. Canvas Has the Form You Need

Whether its maintenance work scheduling, safety audits, property valuations or tenant inspection reports, GoCanvas offers a complete solution for real estate management. All forms can be edited and administered by account admins.  Already have a form? Sign up for our free trial and we’ll turn your form into an app absolutely free. Click here for more info on how to send us your form. Or explore and download Real Estate mobile templates from the GoCanvas Application Store 

4. Prepopulate Forms in Seconds with Dispatch

 A call, for example, comes in for a house valuation and an agent is in the area. Previously, the office would send all info (name, address, etc)  to the agent, who would then transcribe it from a voicemail or text message to a paper form. With GoCanvas Dispatch, your admin can pre-populate a form with this information and send it to the agent. Now the agent only needs to open the form  to know where to go and what to do. Then, they just fill in the rest. Once completed, the admin will receive a confirmation that the form has been received and submitted. With Dispatch, get information to your field workers quickly and finish the work even faster. 

Want to know more about how Dispatch could help your organization? Go here to find out more.

5. Seemlessly Integrate Your Data

We are proud at GoCanvas for our ability to integrate with almost any backend system. Any data collected in the field can be fed directly into a CRM or accounting software. No longer spend hours at your office inputting client data into your database. With GoCanvas, every submission from the field is ready and waiting in your CRM software. Invoices? Already uploaded in your accounting software. All your data will still be securely stored and easily accessible in the GoCanvas cloud or sent directly to your inbox. For more info on our webservice integration, click here.

Is your organization ready to see these benefits? Sign up for a free trial today or contact us at sales@gocanvas.com