Q2 Webinar Wrap-up: All Your Questions Answered

By keith bateman on July 5, 2017

We Answer All Your Questions!

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We recently held our largest webinar ever on June 27th, 2017. During the webinar, we discussed the latest product releases as well as previewed exciting features that are currently on the horizon.

The biggest news from the webinar was the formal introduction of the new Windows App. This new app gives current and future clients the ability to collect and share data from the convenience of their Windows laptop, tablets and PCs.

The reveal of this, as well as the walk-through of GoCanvas Dispatch Calendar and Zapier, brought a barrage of input and questions! We’re here to respond to those questions that we couldn’t get to last week, and hope that these answers can give you even greater insight into GoCanvas!

And if you didn’t get a chance to attend the webinar, click here to watch a replay!

General Questions About the Windows App

Canvas Windows App

  1. What operating systems is the Windows App compatible with? – The new Windows App is compatible with any laptop/desktop/tablet device that is running Windows 7, 8, or 10.
  2. Is there any functionality in particular that the new GoCanvas Windows app does not have in common with the GoCanvas mobile apps? In the past, our old Windows client lacked major functionality in comparison to the mobile counterparts. With our most recent release, we have made it our goal to have each platform mirror each other. Features and functionality are now the same across Android, IOS, and Windows with the exception of a couple minor tweaks.

General Questions About Connecting GoCanvas with Zapier


  1. Does Zapier work with One Drive for business? – Yes! Through GoCanvas integration with the Zapier platform, you are able to easily collect and push your GoCanvas data to 3rd party systems including Microsoft One Drive in just seconds! Zapier - One Drive
  2. Could you use Zapier to export GoCanvas output to Word document format? – Absolutely! With a program called CloudConvert, you have the ability to transform your PDF reports into Word documents in seconds. The best part is that the CloudConvert program is free to use and test out, and it is super easy to get setup with GoCanvas via Zapier. Canvas - Cloud Convert

General Questions About Dispatch

Dispatch - Calendar

  1. What version of GoCanvas did you say was required for this calendar view? – In order to access the brand-new Dispatch Calendar platform, your company account must be on the Professional Plan. If you are new to GoCanvas and are currently on a free trial, then you will able to access this functionality until it expires. You are able to upgrade your Startup or Business plan at any time to gain immediate access to Dispatch Calendar!
  2. Can I use Dispatch Calendar on Mac and Windows? Yes! Dispatch Calendar is a website-based feature, similar to the App Builder, that can be used on all major computer types including Mac and Windows.
  3. Are there plans to allow the dispatch calendar and/or the online dispatch entry tool to use reference data to feed drop down menus used to pre-populate dispatches with various information? – This has been on the roadmap for a while, but unfortunately, this has not been prioritized over bigger features and releases. We’ve created the 1st step by allowing you to pull in Drop Down List values into your dispatches, with the next eventual step being Reference Data. If you feel very strongly about this feature, make your voice heard in our ‘Feature Requests’ forum.
  4. Is there a way to have the user receive the dispatch details inside the canvas app when the dispatch is created, instead of waiting until the day of the job? – Yes! With the brand-new Dispatch Calendar, you are able to set reminders that can be as early as 1 day to 1 week before the assigned task is due.
  5. Can you upload GPS location using dispatch? – Great question. You aren’t able to dispatch directly to a GPS field, but an awesome workaround is possible. Using a “Link” field, you can paste in a hyperlink to a specific location from Google Maps which will then automatically pull up the navigational software on the device of the employee who is receiving the dispatch. With this method, the field employee doesn’t have to manually look up client addresses or call the office for directions.

General Questions About Using Canvas

Canvas - General

  1. Is the GoCanvas Business Insights tool supported in Excel, and what plan is it included on? – Yes! In fact, CBI is essentially a tool that works as an add-on to Excel that allows you to instantly import your GoCanvas data into a spreadsheet and create dynamic pivot tables in minutes! CBI can be downloaded for free for any company currently on the Professional Plan of GoCanvas. If you’re not on the Professional Plan but would like to create custom dashboards, you can learn more here!
  2. Is there any limitation on the reference data upload, can it manage 2000+ rows? – It sure can! For Reference Data, we have a 1MB file size limit per file, this usually equates to 2,000 – 5,000 rows of data (depending on the number of columns). If you need a single file to be more than 1MB, you can simply break the file into multiple user groups.

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