Property Management and Vacation Rental Company Using GoCanvas and iPhones for Work Orders

By Jason Good on July 24, 2012

Property Management and Vacation Rental Company Using GoCanvas and iPhones for Work Orders

More and more property management companies are wanting to use their mobile devices instead of paper for a variety of uses.  We have companies coming to us asking for work order Apps, walk-through Apps, check-in Apps, check-out Apps and more.  They want to convert their walk-through checklist or walk-through form to an App they can use on their iPhone, iPad, Android, or Blackberry mobile devices.  If you’re doing all of these things on paper then that creates a big mess to manage, costing you valuable time and resources that could be spent elsewhere.  The larger you are the bigger the problem becomes!  One of Canvas’s latest property management customers has seen the light and have moved their work orders over to their iPhones using a customized GoCanvas App!

Along our coasts here in the US the vacation rental and property management business is big business!  Houses can rent for thousands of dollars per week.  If you’re talking about the luxury market then the sky is the limit as to what someone might pay for a little rest and relaxation near the beach.  I’m sure this is no different than Europe, Asia, Australia, South America and other places where vacation homes can be rented. 

Vacation rental and property management businesses need Apps, too.  One our newest customers manages property in the Southern California area.  You can rent beautiful, luxurious homes for the vacation of your dreams.  Or if you need a place to rent for an extended period of time, these folks can find one for you.  As all property management companies know, tenants need things and ask for things!  A lightbulb needs replacing.  They need a “Pack ‘n Play” or a crib.  A sliding door is broken.  The air conditioning isn’t working.  The list is endless, right?  Property managers typically track all of this with paper forms for each incident.  They need to document the work done and how long it took.  Owners of the property need to know about any maintenance work done on their homes.  This is also part of the documentation provided to owners when a property management company has to charge the owners for things like new air conditioners. 

This firm turned to GoCanvas and now they track their work electronically on iPhones instead of carrying around clipboards.  The employee at the property management company is sent to a particular property to do some work.  The property management App they built with GoCanvas is used to capture the Start Time and End Time for the job.  GoCanvas automatically calculates the total time spent.  The Date is captured, a description of the work done, and they use Canvas’s GPS feature to place a small Google map indicating the location of the property.

This is a rather simple work order App for a property management company, but it plays a vital role.  The paper form was simple, too, and vital.  But now work is done faster and records are stored electronically and can be transmitted via email instantly if necessary.  These records (We call them “submissions”) can be searched with Canvas’s powerful Advanced Search functionality.  These folks can put their hands on a work order quickly by searching their data via Canvas’s website. 

Our customers who do walk-throughs via GoCanvas can capture signatures from their tenants right on the spot and can email the tenant the document right away.  Pictures are a great way to document damaged properties or areas that are not cleaned.  Walk-through Apps, Check-In Apps, Check-Out Apps, Work Order Apps, and anything else you’re currently doing on paper can all be done on GoCanvas.

Sign-up for a free trial so you can try it out for your business.  Start building your own custom GoCanvas App today!  Contact us if you want to work with a Mobile App Consultant to help get you going.  You can call us at 866.242.9334.