Prevent noise induced hearing loss with this essential mobile app

By Chris Morrisette on February 12, 2013

Insurance groups are reporting a marked increase in the number of people seeking compensation for hearing problems that have arisen from noisy workplaces. According to the Health and Safety Executive, over 1 million employees in the UK are regularly exposed to noise levels which are potentially hazardous to their hearing.

The fact that an increasing number of people are claiming against their employers for noise induced hearing loss is not so surprising when you consider the number of people already afflicted. It is thought that around 17,000 people currently suffer deafness or other ear conditions caused by excessive noise levels in the workplace. The sharp rise in claims for deafness caused by noisy workplaces is also thought to be because of a recent change in Health and Safety legislation: the noise threshold above which employees can seek compensation was recently lowered, indicating the seriousness with which the Health and Safety Executive views noise induced hearing loss.

A key step in the fight against this affliction is the creation of an ingenious and yet simple safety app for iPhone from Health & Safety risk assessment experts Safety-Link Consulting. The Noise Risk Identification Checklist Mobile App from Safety-Link makes it easy to manage the risks related to noise in any workplace, from telesales offices to industrial factories. Simply download the mobile app and you will have at your fingertips a comprehensive risk identification checklist which will highlight any potential risks to hearing from excessive general background noise or specific hazardous noise in your workplace.

The Noise Risk Identification Checklist Mobile App is entirely free of charge and available for the iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, PlayBook and Windows Mobile and Desktop from the Safety-Link website at