Paper PI: Recon at Dawn

By Brent Nieder on January 12, 2014

6:06 AM

Fred’s Plumbing, Anytown, USA

Hot lead came across my desk last night. Seems there’s a new threat in town. Businesses are using it to replace us paper forms. They’re calling it “Canvas”. If you’re looking to replace my kind, then you’d better expect a fight from me.

Rumor has it, Fred of Fred’s Plumbing has been askin for trouble. Apparently, he’s been telling all of his colleagues about how GoCanvas has “revolutionized” how he collects his data. Sayin it can do things that my boys can’t – saying it’s BETTER than paper! 

Bah, makes me sick… No one pushes GoCanvas in my town, NO ONE! 

 It’s clear this guy is too far down the path to control himself. All of his forms have been replaced with GoCanvas. Guy is hooked.

These rumours are makin’ me sick. Looks like I got a job to do. 

 My job is easy now: All I need to do is wait for my time to strike. I’ll snap a photo of him using GoCanvas as proof, have him in cuffs, and see him behind bars all before Happy Hour. Nothing sends a message to the creeps out there than serving street justice to a fiend. 

If I don’t take drastic measures now, it could spread like wildfire.

Just when you thi…. Wait a second… There he is. He’s walking to his van…Yep, sure enough there’s the mobile device. Look at him, browsing through all of his GoCanvas apps… Oh yeah, he has dozens. This guy is in over his head.

Looks like he just received a dispatch… time to make my move.