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By keith bateman on March 1, 2017

We Answer Your Top Questions!


Have trouble getting started? Or just have a question you’ve been wanting to ask, but haven’t had the time to? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. We took your 5 most commonly asked questions from February and shared the responses here!

Q. “I have a ton of paper forms I need to convert, can I pay a one-time fee to have them all converted into mobile versions at once so I don’t have to do them myself?”

A. Yes! Our SUYF (Send Us Your Form) service allows any company to quickly get rid of their paperwork. All you have to do is simply email and attach the documents you wish to convert. The documents you wish to convert can be in any format that you have available including JPEG, PNG, PDF, Word, or Excel.

Canvas IntegrationsIt is also extremely helpful to provide with your documents any details or instructions on how you wish us to convert them into mobile forms. For example: Do you want the ability to capture photos or GPS? Do you want to build in scoring? Does the output PDF report need to look like the original paper report?

Once we have all this information, our team with get back to you within 24 – 48 hours with a quote! And remember, your 1st form conversion is always FREE!

Q. I want my mobile form to automatically fill with the description and cost of the items I select from a drop down list, is this possible?”

Mobile Device

A. Yes! The ability to “auto-fill” fields or sections of your mobile form based on a dropdown is called Reference Data.

How this works is pretty simple. The data you wish to connect to your mobile forms need to be in a CSV format, which is just a variation of an Excel worksheet. If your materials or customer data resides in a software like Quickbooks, you should be able to quickly export it to a CSV file without any trouble.

Once you have the data formatted correctly, you simply need to upload it to your GoCanvas account and connect the corresponding CSV data columns with the matching fields within your mobile form. To view the detailed walkthrough of setting up Reference Data, click here

Q. “Our field techs submit hundreds of invoices every week that need to be reviewed by our office. Is there a way to tag reports by different statuses in order to know which have already been processed?”

A. It definitely is. To accomplish this, you simply have to use the “Submission Status” feature to begin tagging your GoCanvas reports. The 1st step is to create the statuses that you wish to select from when reviewing your report. Keep in mind, each mobile form can have their own separate tags.

Submission Status with Canvas

For example, an invoice form could have tags of “Paid” and “Not Paid”, while a work order form could have tags of “Work Completed” and “Work Not Completed”.

Submission Status with Canvas

The best part about the Submission Status feature is that when reports are tagged, they can be then be filtered using the Advanced Search function. For instance, if we wanted to find any invoice that was marked as “Unpaid” in the last two months, all we would have to do is select that status from the drop-down and select the appropriate data range. Submission Status makes organizing and reviewing data within GoCanvas substantially more efficient and can help you increase your daily productivity by focusing just on the reports that need immediate attention.

Q. “It’s required that we take photos on the job site when we complete a report. How many photos can we take, and is it possible to edit them as well?”

A. Great question. With GoCanvas, there is no specific limit on the amount of images that you can capture and attach to your mobile forms. At the same time, we do not recommend attaching 50 photos to a single submission either. The reason is that since you’re submitting a digital file, most likely over a mobile data network, a heavier file (i.e. more pictures) is going to increase the time it takes to push the contents to the cloud. This is the reason why many email providers like Gmail have a cap of 25 Mb per message, which is the equivalent of 15-25 high-quality images. We recommend treating image heavy GoCanvas reports the same way.

Canvas Mobile App - Editing PhotoHaving the ability to annotate or draw on top of photos has long been a feature of GoCanvas. It is simply a setting of the photo capture field that you enable within the app builder.

Once enabled, any photo you take or upload from your phone gallery when filling out a GoCanvas form will be able to be edited with the tip of your finger or stylus. You are able to pick from a variety of colors in order to circle or highlight certain parts of the image, and can even clear all the markings if need be. Once finished, the report will submit like normal with all the annotations included on the images.

We hope that these answers will help make your journey to going paperless even smoother! If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at!

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