Mobile Apps To Deal With The Snow – Snow Plow, Snow Removal Apps Added to GoCanvas Application Store

By James W Quigley on March 25, 2014

Snowplow and Removal Mobile Apps

Take the Chill out of Data Collection

Snow getting you down? Want to automate your snow removal services?  There’s an app for that now!  GoCanvas’s Application Store is featuring a number of apps for those businesses whose business is snow removal & public works. Our goal is to improve the efficiency of removing snow, maintaining snow plow trucks, and getting customers to sign contracts for removal of snow and more. Whether you are removing snow from parking lots, city streets, county roads or bus routes, GoCanvas can make it easier to record everything in real-time!

Snow Mobile Apps

If you have an Android device, Android Tablet, Windows computer, iPhone or iPad, your workers in the snow removal business can pick up their smartphones instead of clipboards to collect information digitally and get their information back to the office in real time.  Insert a GPS control, take photos, collect electronic signatures, upload a database of prices and locations and much more.

For example, take a look at our snow plow estimate calculator and see how easy it is to record crucial information.

Each lost document can cost a business up to $700. Are you ready to start saving time and money within your snow removal business? See what Snow apps our  GoCanvas Application Store has to offer. Start saving today.

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