Manufacturer of High Quality Foods Uses BlackBerry & GoCanvas To Automate Merchandising Processes

By Joe Gatto on November 7, 2011

Retail Company Uses Smartphones to Track Sales

This featured GoCanvas subscriber has been in business for over 90 years and has been manufacturing high quality food products that are being consumed by over 20 million families and growing! Their product line is available in grocery stores and small markets all throughout North America and as you can imagine, staying on top of their distributors needs is paramount. Managing order placement, inventory, proper shelf location, etc. for many years was handled by hardworking sales associates and lots and lots of paper.

Well, the hard workers still exist…it’s the technology they have introduced that has changed. All of these important aspects of retail merchandising are now being handled using GoCanvas and their BlackBerry devices. Approximately 40 sales associates around the US and Canada are using GoCanvas primarily to perform store audits. They are leveraging Canvas’s image capture feature to take before and after photographs of store shelves to ensure that their products are being merchandised and displayed properly. These images are now being sent back in real-time to company representatives along with all of the individual information related to that store.

The implementation of GoCanvas has made an incredibly positive impact with this large manufacturer. The ROI for deploying GoCanvas was almost immediate and the efficiencies now in place through the collection of this information in real-time has proven to be a real “game-changer”. Learn more about how our checklist apps and other mobile forms can help streamline merchandising processes and save time! 

If you a have sales force in a small region or nationwide, look to GoCanvas to improve the way you do business. Check out the GoCanvas Application Store to get started. It may be that we already have an app that’s just right for you!