Investing in Our Future, Faster

By James W Quigley on February 13, 2019

You may have heard, since it was covered here, here, and oh yeah, here, that GoCanvas recently received a round of investment funding from K1, an experienced investor in B2B SaaS organizations.

What exactly does this mean…? That we can Do More.

Very simply this means we can now Do More — Do More for our subscribers, our partners, and our dedicated and growing GoCanvas team. Our commitment to these critical communities remains unchanged; the relationship with K1 means we can serve each of these groups more fully and innovatively. This partnership enables us to continue to pursue our big ideas — ideas that we’ve gotten from listening to you.

In other words, K1’s investment will help us get to the future faster.


Here is what is staying the same… the things that are most important:

  • Our wildly passionate focus on culture
  • Our team members and leadership – including myself as CEO
  • Our ability to all be owners
  • Our ability to build on the GoCanvas brand globally

Why K1…? Hint it was more than money.

The decision to partner with K1 was based on more than just a source of capital. First and foremost, we saw a deep cultural alignment between GoCanvas and K1. They believe what we believe, and we both understand the fundamental role culture plays in a business’s success. Plus, they have a reputation as a value-added partner with deep experience in helping to grow B2B software companies!

Why now…? Because we have more Big Ideas

Quite simply we want to continue to drive toward being at the heart of solving many of our customer’s bigger problems and helping them with their biggest opportunities for growth. We are convinced that if we help our customers more dynamically collect and share data it will benefit how they connect with their own customers and enable them to improve their businesses. Solving these problems and answering these opportunities means a deeper investment into our Product First philosophy, and investing in sharing our brand and story in more places.

Here’s the sales pitch…  Come join the team!

As part of this new chapter, we plan to double the GoCanvas team over the next year or so while staying put right here in Reston, Virginia. To that end, I encourage anyone interested in working in an award-winning culture, for a red hot rapidly expanding tech company in the greater Washington, D.C. area (no, not Amazon) to check out our current list of openings.

Bottom Line: We are excited and hope you are too.

But if you do have any lingering questions, please do not hesitate to reach out directly to me at I would love to hear from you.

James Quigley

GoCanvas CEO and Co-Founder