HumiTEC Corporation leaves Paper behind for GoCanvas Custom Mobile Apps on iPad

By scott shea on December 4, 2012

HumiTec Logo

HumiTec Corporation recently decided to upgrade their methods of data capture to GoCanvas custom mobile apps on newly purchased iPads.  The company, who specializes in providing products that help lower humidity, used to capture all their job information on clipboards.  However, this process proved to be a pain.  The information they wanted to capture could barely fit on the sheet of paper.  The handwriting was often hard to read and sometimes the papers never even got back to the office at all.  After looking for a solution, HumiTEC came across GoCanvas.  After contacting one of the GoCanvas Mobile Apps Consultants, and providing the paper form they were using, they were well on their way to building a custom mobile app to streamline their operations. 

The form HumiTEC was looking to convert tracks the number of humidity reducing panels each school needs for their refrigerators.  In order to capture this, HumiTEC implemented some of Canvas’ more advanced features to make it as simple and fool proof as possible.  First, they used Canvas’s Reference Data feature.  This is a simple excel sheet that lists all the School Districts and each of the Schools within the district.  Once they select a certain School District, only the names of the schools within that district will appear.  This prevents any school not in the district from being selected when filling out the form. 

Next, they used an Advanced List.  This allows the users to choose which school they need to service.  Once there, they can fill out information across multiple screens regarding that particular school.  After they are done, they add the school to the list and are brought back to select another school name and repeat the process.   All of this makes the app flow neatly and is user friendly.

Finally HumiTEC took advantage of another service GoCanvas offers: Custom PDF.  GoCanvas will automatically generate a PDF with all of the data collected along with the field names.  The standard GoCanvas PDF can be customized with a logo, header information, and more.  But with Canvas’s Custom PDF service, HumiTEC’s PDF matches their old paper form exactly.  HumiTEC’s customers won’t even know the difference other than seeing technician’s carrying around iPads instead of clipboards and receiving HumiTEC’s form instantly via email!

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