How Your Hotel Could Save Thousands with GoCanvas Mobile Apps

By katie simpson on September 25, 2013

Whether you’re a hotel in Mexico or Madagascar, it takes more than good room service and fluffy towels to run a great business. To keep your business running smoothly, daily room inspections have to happen. GoCanvas mobile apps could make your information not only more accurate but also gather it in real time.

For inspections, mobile apps are more convenient than paper. No longer will your employees need to scrounge for a pen or worry about having all the right documents. As long as they have a phone or a tablet, the entire form is with them! Simply sign in and start filling out the form.

Our mobile app also helps create a more reliable system of inspections. With date and time stamps, you can be sure that your employees fill out the form when you need it. GoCanvas also makes required fields easy. No form can be submitted if a required field isn’t filled. Not only will your forms be filled in a timely manner but also with all the necessary information.

With real time integration, no longer spend time taking forms back to the main office to be typed up and entered. All your submissions go straight to the cloud. You can download it as csv or an excel file to integrate. Looking for something else? We have great backend integration for seamless integration for all system types.

Moving beyond paper, GoCanvas allows you to do more than before.  Is there something damaged in a room? Take photos as part of the form. Do you have your own data you want in your forms? Pre-populate fields with your reference data. Need to update your forms? Go in at any time and make the edits you need. After you update and publish, it’s available and ready to use for all of your users.

Are you ready to see what GoCanvas mobile apps could do for your organization? Sign up for a free trial today!