How to Optimize Your Manufacturing Processes

By Kassidi Koronkowski on August 20, 2018
Tags: Productivity

How to Improve Manufacturing & Packaging Data Collection and Analysis

In today’s age, it is near impossible to find a manufacturing or packaging plant that hasn’t adopted some form of technology. Technology has become an integral part of the manufacturing process. Recently, manufacturing and packaging have become even more competitive as the introduction of things like 2-day shipping and online ordering have been introduced. Customers expect their goods immediately and these new demands require businesses to be more efficient than ever.

As the industry becomes more competitive more and more individuals are beginning to turn to technology to help automate and optimize time and labor-intensive processes. Paper-based processes are costing manufacturing and packaging plants hours of time between data duplication efforts, lost or incomplete forms, and timely collection standards. By automating the way data is being captured, manufacturers can optimize their processes and make better business decisions based on access to key operational information.


Whether you’re dealing with QA/QC forms, machine inspections, production reports, or safety forms, accurate reporting will always be an essential part of the manufacturing and packaging industry. While the way you manufacture products might be efficient, you can always improve the way you manage your business. Paper-based processes are outdated and cost companies hours of productivity. Even when paperwork is retyped or scanned the information from the submission often goes unused. By automating this process, you make the data you’re already collecting help dictate key business decisions. Automation allows companies to get better insight into what is happening on the front end and help determine where there is room for improvement to further optimize your manufacturing processes.


Standardization is a problem many managers tend to overlook, but if everyone picks and chooses what they find important when filling out documents then your data becomes useless. At GoCanvas we repeatedly hear how tons of companies are faced with the consequences of being uncompliant or the potential loss of revenue due to individuals forgetting or intentionally not filling out items on the forms they were assigned. It could be little things forgotten as a managers or customers signature, but these little mistakes could mean they no longer can bill the customer for the project. By standardizing the way forms are being filled and what forms are being submitted management can ensure that mistakes like that don’t happen. Not only can standardization be used as a preventative measure, but it can also use standardization as a tool to ensure accurate data compilation.


No matter what your job is in the manufacturing industry you understand the importance and relevance of OSHA regulations. Staying compliant can be difficult when everything is submitted on paper, but it can be even worse when forms are submitted sometimes on paper, some through email, and some scanned in. This allows for forms to become lost or misplaced through the organization shuffle.  Even when companies have a great process of receiving submissions they often run into issues with missing or inaccurate information. Any simple mistake such as a lost submission or a form with missing information could result in massive fines. For your checklist and inspection forms automating this process will help catch compliance errors and violations in real time. This allows companies to improve processes over time as there is data there to ensure your processes adapt.

By focusing on improving the efficiency of your company’s processes you open the door for improvement in other areas as well. Imagine what your team could accomplish in the amount of time they spend re-entering data and organizing submissions. Not only are you capable of doing more jobs but having better data visibility allows your team to see where they can improve and gives you the ability to stay ahead of the competition. Take advantage of the tools available to you and automate the way your company captures their data.

Now you can easily modernize the way you are capturing information on or off-site.  Whether you are looking to improve your data visibility or save time, we hope you consider using GoCanvas. Sign up for GoCanvas free and give our platform a try today!

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