How to Manage Your Chinese New Year Red Envelopes

By mary qin on February 5, 2014

Do you find yourself drowning in a stack of red envelopes each year from the Lunar New Year festivities? While traditions are important to maintain, sometimes they need a little revamping to catch up with the times. Here’s how electronic data collection with GoCanvas can help you stay afloat as you track those red envelopes with our gift tracking mobile app.

Who gave you which one? Track it with your phone or tablet (source)

Red Envelopes You Give

Make sure you don’t forget to give someone a red envelope. First, create a list of all the people you’d want to include ahead of time. Put their names and the amount you plan on giving each into a spreadsheet and upload it as reference data for the app. This way you can easily choose their names from a dropdown list and check each person off when you’ve given them their red envelope. By preparing the list ahead of time, you’ll know exactly how many crisp bills to get from the bank and how many red envelopes to acquire too!


Red Envelopes You Receive

Now the more important part – tracking all the red envelopes you receive! Since it’s not polite to open the envelopes in front of the giver, just take an innocent picture of it and stash it away. If the designs on the envelopes are the same, make a little mark to distinguish them. You can then indicate who you received each envelope from so you can see later what everyone gave. Admit it – you’ve always peeked (or tried to) anyways!

When you get a chance, you can fill out how much each envelope contained. If there are unlucky amounts like anything with the number 4 (which sounds like “death” in Chinese) or odd numbers, you’ll know who to blacklist! Of course you’ll also know who to send a thank you note to for their generous contribution to your bank account. All the amounts can be automatically totaled so you know exactly how much you received, how much you gave, and the net total. Haven’t you always wondered if you come out on top when it comes to giving and receiving red envelopes each year?

There you have it, a better way to approach the sea of red envelopes that are bound to take over around Chinese New Year. Now you’re empowered to stay organized, all because you brought your efforts to the digital (and mobile) age. Have fun celebrating with your family!