How Enterprises Effectively Implement Business Apps for iPad

By Jason Good on January 14, 2014

So you’ve decided to implement a mobile solution to address an inefficiency within your organization.  With GoCanvas, you think you’ve found the right solution to solve your problems.  Now what? 

Implementing mobile apps can be a lot easier than this (Mighty might bigmac, source)

Having worked with a number of Canvas’s largest enterprise customers, I understand the difficult of deploying mobile solutions across a large disparate user base. There are several components to a sound mobile implementation plan that you simply can’t ignore.


1) The Pilot

You must conduct a live pilot in the field with a subset of your users prior to a full deployment.  Make sure you choose users across the spectrum of technology savviness. Pick some folks that are really comfortable with mobile devices and some that still use flip phones. 

Make sure you test with tech wizzes and their opposites (b_d_solis, source)

Why? Pilots are great for uncovering the “real world” usage issues that you simply won’t identify sitting in a conference room.  Plus you want to have some internal champions that support the initiative.  Make sure to include folks in every location where you have a significant number of users.


2) Mobile Device Management  

There are all kinds of solutions out there for managing your mobile devices.  With a variety of users, you’ll want to control what your users can and can’t do with these devices. Not only will you need to address security issues, you will need to troubleshoot too.  Just like laptop and desktop computers, these devices will need to be supported.  Some of our partners offer excellent solutions and expertise in this area: 


3) Support, Support, Support

If you want your mobile solution to deliver results, then you’ll need to support your users and provide resources. One large customer, for instance, built an online support portal on their company intranet dedicated to supporting their mobile users. There are videos, screenshots, and detailed instructions on how to do everything from turning the device on to capturing the data.  FAQ and troubleshooting tips are a necessity. 

Strong organizations need strong support from the beginning (Šechtl and Voseček, Source)

Your support needs show another reason why a pilot is critical.  A pilot will reveal most (if not all) of the common issues and challenges your users will have.  Provide a dedicated email address and/or phone number for help, too.

Like any new initiative, you’ll have bumps and bruises.  But if you plan carefully success will follow.


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