How Easy is it to Implement Mobile Business Apps with GoCanvas?

By mike squires on November 21, 2013

Word is getting around Australia that people are sick of paper. Everyday people from a variety of businesses ask me the same questions;

 “I want to get rid of the paper, but I’m not sure where to start?”

“Will it be difficult to replace paper with mobile business apps?”

The answer to the first question is simple. Select any piece of paper that you use on a daily basis, from a sign in sheet to inspection. Any of these can be changed to a mobile app with GoCanvas. For your first app though, I would chose a form that you use every day.

So, is it difficult to replace your forms with mobile apps? Not with GoCanvas! Business apps are no longer the domain of the “tech savvy”. Everyone with a smartphone or tablet can use an app. We have a few options to get started quickly and successfully. In addition, you will have a designated Mobile App Consultant available to help you through this process.

Choose Your App

A) Download a ready-made app: Thousands of ready-made apps in our Application Store Across hundreds of industries and various languages, we have an app for you.

B) Send Us Your Form and we’ll build it for you. With your trial, the first one is on us!

I’m not gonna lie to you, almost everyone needs some time to tweak their app. Maybe you want to add on new features you didn’t have previously. Or perhaps you want to remove things you no longer need. Changes are easy with GoCanvas, and immediately updated on your mobile device.

Test it

When you get a new piece of equipment, you test it a few times to make sure it works before using it with a client. The same thing needs to happen with your mobile app. I recommend having one tech savvy person and their complete opposite test out the app. You want your testers to represent the people who will have to use the app.

Woah, don’t go out testing quite yet! Make sure you also have a set of criteria for a successful app. What information do you need to get? How often should the app be used? What problems do you want solved or processes refined? Take a few minutes to figure out your own list.

Now you can set up trial users under your account. After a week or so, make sure to get feedback from them. What works for them? What doesn’t? What changes would they like to see? All of these questions and more are important to figure out if the app is doing what you need it to.


After all this, look back at that criteria list. Did this app help your organization? How have things changed since the switch from paper? If you can check off most items on your list, you’re ready to go full speed with GoCanvas.

Captain Picard is Excited!

Even Picard is excited by your success

Once you go GoCanvas you’ll see paper inefficiencies everywhere. Go for a walk down a busy street, look at the couriers delivering their packages, and see the wad of paper sticking out of the driver’s mouth! Does the driver has a smartphone?

Look at sales person in a store writing out an order. The poor sales person just had to stop what they were doing and fill out some forms that our courier friend just handed them. Signing a GoCanvas Mobile Form on the smartphone or tablet would have been a whiz. Poor you having to queue up to speak to the sales person.

Still waiting in a queue for that sales person to finish writing out the order? Start thinking about areas in your business where paper can be eliminated? Is it in the sales area, shipping, delivery, manufacturing, research, accounting or just having your expense account submitted on time?

There are so many ways you could use GoCanvas. Get some of that stressful paper out of your life. Contact us today and see how we can help you.