Getting Started with Health Screening Apps

By Brian Sugarman on April 10, 2021
Tags: COVID-19 Resources

Health temperature check on construction site


Health screening is an essential undertaking for many businesses and workplaces to promote public health. The COVID-19 pandemic has raised the importance of health screening and it has become a necessary component for many companies and organizations to continue their operations today. 

Some of the actions that fall into this category are the daily screening of employees, health checks of visitors, health questionnaires, and regular logging of visitors for contract tracing purposes.

Many businesses are turning to health screening apps like GoCanvas to keep their customers and employees safe with digital tools that are designed to protect everyone’s best interests. Continue reading this article to learn how these apps work and additional resources to get you started.


How health screening apps improve businesses and work environments

Health screening apps are powerful tools that can help to promote the health and wellness of the general public, including your employees and customers. These tools are designed to support new processes and procedures that are needed for your business to stay open and to ensure that you stay in compliance with regulations and maintain safety protocols for everyone.

GoCanvas health screening tools are deployed as mobile apps, where people can work on iPhones, Androids, or desktop applications to submit the required information. Mobile technologies today are widely adopted by the general public, making them easy to adopt and providing a secure platform that is HIPPA compliant. The result is a comprehensive screening solution that gives you the tools you need to protect your business and promote safety.


What are the different kinds of health screening apps?

There are many types of health screening apps available, some that target a specific virus like COVID-19 and others that are more generalized. Typically you will see that health screening apps include things like questionnaires, checklists, logs, risk assessment, screening forms, self-assessments, and other forms used as screening solutions. 

Primarily, health screening apps are used by corporate offices or businesses. They’re also being used by government agencies, schools, restaurants, and other similar types of commercial environments. Since GoCanvas’ platform is HIPAA compliant, these apps are also viable options for healthcare providers and medical offices, in addition to commercial organizations.  

For more information on different kinds of apps, you can search in the GoCanvas app store to see the various types of health and infectious disease-related apps that are available to get started with for free.


Uses for health screening apps

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the primary use case today for health screening apps is to identify exposure and detect potential coronavirus symptoms for people entering public spaces or businesses.

In addition to screening, these apps can also have automation built-in for notifications. These features can help to notify other employees about a potential exposure if they have been near someone who reports a positive test, symptoms, or exposure.

The pandemic has made screening apps necessary for resuming many activities in our daily lives, and the public has become increasingly aware of the need to comply with screening to promote public health. 

Beyond COVID-19, health screening apps can be applied for similar health and public safety scenarios that would require an organization to perform this type of check.


Using health screening apps for COVID-19 screening

Many businesses have been relying on health screening apps during the COVID-19 pandemic to reopen safely and in compliance with state and federal mandates. Health screening apps help slow the spread of COVID-19, enable contact tracing for visitors, and encourage employees who are not feeling well to stay home rather than coming to work while potentially ill.

As vaccines become more available to the general public, using these apps can also provide an effective screening solution for companies that need to have a vaccination log. 

This gives companies the ability to limit entry to spaces for people who are either fully vaccinated or those who can pass specific screening measures such as temperature checks or COVID-19 symptom self-assessments. Ultimately, it’s up to businesses and individuals to stay in compliance with any of the regulations in their states and health screening apps are designed to empower organizations with tools that are needed for this purpose.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way that we approach daily health monitoring. Businesses and human resources departments are deciding how to implement new employee health screening procedures to take temperatures, evaluate symptoms, and identify close contact or exposures.

Many types of organizations will want to implement health screening apps for things like religious ceremonies, gatherings at educational institutions, concerts and venues, events, and more. These apps for real-time health monitoring can help provide the needed tools to perform contact tracing, symptom self-reporting, and temperature checks.

Businesses are closely monitoring the situation in their states and will continue to rely on health screening apps to prevent further spread of the disease and to promote the health and safety of their employees and customers.