Get Rid of Paperwork with Mobile Inspections

By Stephen Minus on April 28, 2014

Anyone who performs inspections on a daily basis knows that it can be a very tedious process that can require a lot of time and effort. As a former resident advisor on a college campus I can attest to this. My colleagues and I would spend countless hours at the beginning and end of the semesters inspecting dorm rooms. Not only would we have to fill out the inspection forms, but we would have to capture pictures of the damage, we’d have to redo a form anytime an error was made, and spend a myriad hours afterwards sorting through all of the forms that were filled out. Performing inspections were by far the most annoying and time consuming part of the job.

One room down…fifty more to go. Photo credit: JasonCorey via photopin cc 

The saddest part of this entire process was that the students would not receive a receipt of the inspection until months later after the inspections were finished! This was because all of the forms from each roommate had to be complied and reviewed to ensure that the proper roommates were charged for any damage found throughout the room. This ultimately resulted with students disputing the majority of charges due to late notice. The school lost a lot of money because they couldn’t figure out who was responsible for the damage.

My experience is just one example of how inefficient paper forms can be. There are many issues that could occur while filling out inspections. The lists below describes some of the biggest complaints we’ve heard countless times from our customers, as well as a list to demonstrate how all of these issues could be solved through GoCanvas. If any of these issues apply to you, you may find some value in filling out forms on mobile instead.

Issues people encounter performing inspections:

  1. Rewriting the same information continuously
  2. Having to translate bad handwriting
  3. Reentering information into another database
  4. Losing the forms
  5. Not being able to take pictures
  6. Using carbon copies  

How GoCanvas overcomes these issues:

  1. By taking your current spreadsheet of information you would be able to upload all of your info into GoCanvas and have it automatically filled in.  So for example if you didn’t want to always fill in your clients address, phone number, email you would be able to set your form up to automatically fill in those fields. You also have the option to create value list which allows you to choose from a drop down of values as opposed to constantly having to write them out.
  2. With standard typed text you’ll never again have to guess what someone wrote.
  3. Spend hours sorting through information after performing these lengthy inspections? You aren’t alone. GoCanvas takes this headache away by allowing you to send all of your information as PDF directly to the office or client from the time you finish it.
  4.  Nothing is worst then losing a form after performing an inspection. This forces you to either redo the inspection or to have incomplete paperwork. All of your information filled out through GoCanvas is saved to your account at You can access all of your information at from any period of time, regardless of whether it was filled out last week or last year.  
  5. Who really wants to send every picture taken during an inspection through email or text message? GoCanvas allows you to take a picture during the inspection and puts the picture in the actual report. Not only does this save you time, but this also allows you to have a professional, well composed report, without any of the extra hassle.
  6. Carbon copies can be unforgiving. Your only option is to attempt to scratch out what was already written or to throw away a form and start from scratch. GoCanvas on the other hand will allow you to always go back and edit you information. Through submission editing you would be able to access a form from 3 months ago and still make changes with no issue.

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