Four Things You May Not Know About GoCanvas

By Joe Baldwin on March 9, 2013

Get to Know GoCanvas

Here at GoCanvas, we love getting to know our customers and how they took their businesses paperless with our system. We wanted to give our customers a chance to learn a little more about us. Here are four things you may not know about GoCanvas.

4) We practice what we preach.

We really don’t use paper and we really do use our own product.

It doesn’t take long after entering the GoCanvas headquarters in Reston, VA that one realizes that there is some serious lack of paper going on here. This is a photo taken with Instagram of a lovely shelf being put to good use in our support office. Need a notepad for a meeting? Good Luck. Our meetings are “Mental Notes” only.

Bookcase of a paperless business - GoCanvas

There are a variety of ways that GoCanvas apps are used within our business but mainly as a part of the QA process we create and document test cases that replicate the user experience and we use the GoCanvas App Builder to create apps to test each of these scenarios.


3)  The GoCanvas Application Store has fun apps too!

There is an app for almost everything. If you don’t see an app, that means you get to be the first to create it.

While GoCanvas does have expertise in replacing some pretty serious business forms, that doesn’t mean we don’t have a sense of humor.

These are just a few of the many fun apps located in our application store:

Trying to impress that special someone with your expansive wine knowledge but aren’t enough of a connoisseur to remember it all? GoCanvas has an app for you called “The Wine Reviewing Form” that allows you to capture the critical wine and restaurant information as well as any tasting notes.

If you’ve read To Kill a Mockingbird twice like I did and you found yourself motivated to write your own bestseller, then this is a writing app that lets you capture the essential elements of that special novella.

2) We make app building easy

We help you learn to build your own apps.

At GoCanvas we believe in spreading the love. Building apps is one of the first items a GoCanvas employee must accomplish as a part of their training and I can tell you first hand that it’s an extremely easy to use and intuitive process. If communicating the app of your dreams seems a little too taxing and you’re in the mood to learn something new, GoCanvas provides you with all the help and resources you need to get started with the GoCanvas App Builder.

1) GoCanvas works on any mobile device!

You name it, we support it.

Try us! iPhone or iPad? We got you. Samsung Galaxy Tablet? We got you. Blackberry? We got you too! One of our biggest responsibilities as members of the QA team is to ensure that with every release GoCanvas continues to function properly across ALL the devices we support. That’s not nearly as fun as it sounds which reminds me, we need to get back to work! Schedule a demo with the GoCanvas experts or sign up for free to try GoCanvas today!