Find the Best Business Forms for You

By mary qin on December 18, 2013

What forms does your business need to run smoothly? Do you rely on reports from field workers? Do you need to be able to send invoices to clients? Whatever you need, GoCanvas mobile apps offer a broad scope of features to help you make the most of your business forms. Come with me on a journey to find the best business forms for you!

Step One: Setting the Pace

The first stop is the track, where you set the pace for the journey. Do you want to get started right away or do you prefer a tailor fit? If you’re an eager beaver, sprint ahead and search by keyword in the GoCanvas Application Store. We have over 11,000 mobile app templates to choose from, ranging from applications to reports. Content spans industries from construction to human resources and each app is fully customizble once downloaded!


If you’d rather recreate forms you currently use, hop on over to our app builder to make it yourself. Easy-to-use drag and drop tools make it a cinch to build your very own app!

Step Two: Locking Your Data Down

Time to go inside through the security checkpoint. Do you collect highly sensitive information that you need to protect? Never fear! GoCanvas is HIPAA compliant, offering security features like auto-logoffs and disabling the auto-emailing to prevent information leaks. Just enable HIPAA compliance for your account and you’re all set.

Step Three: Choosing Your Data

Now let’s make our way over to the library. If you have lists of customers, inventory, pricing, etc., just organize it into a comma separated value (CSV) file and upload it. By using the reference data option in your mobile app, you can tap into all of that data! Now that’s empowering.

Created by Marcus Hanson , not an endorsement (source)

Step Four: Making Communication Easy

Let’s swing by the manager’s office now. Do you have field workers you need to manage throughout the day? Use the GoCanvas Dispatch feature to assign jobs to mobile workers. Pre-populate client information and then dispatch to the appropriate worker for instant transfer of information!

Step Five: The Finishing Touch

Tired yet? Our final stop is up in the main office, where you work hard to give your customers the best experience. GoCanvas allows you to customize PDF outputs for the data collected in mobile apps that you can send to your customers. Add your company logo, auto-generate personal information, and customize the header. For an even more customized look, get exactly what you want customers to see in the layout that you want by using our Custom PDF service.

Step Six: Choose Your Exit

Well, that was quite an adventure, wasn’t it? Wait – how are you going to get out of here? Did you want to take the stairs, elevator, or try rappelling down? Conditional branching allows you create a workflow that skips screens based on the data collected. If you say you are healthy and fit, you can be presented with the options to take the stairs or rappel. Conversely, if you say you are afraid of heights, you can be presented with the options to take the stairs or elevator. Go ahead and pick your favorite; I’ll meet you downstairs!

Whew, glad you’re back on the ground now. Want to learn more? See how The Austin Company is saving $150,000 with Canvas