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Elge Plumbing Flushes Paper in Favor of GoCanvas Apps on Android Phones and Tablets

By kalliopi vlastos on September 26, 2012

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Elge Plumbing, a Somerville, MA plumbing and heating company has pulled the plug on paper in favor of GoCanvas Mobile Apps on Android phones and tablets.

The plumbing and heating company, which services major restaurant and convenience store chains across the country is relieved to be going paperless. With 40 technicians roaming the country to make stops at various Panera Bread, Chipotle, Applebee’s and CVS locations, they needed a solution that they could deploy quickly and would return finished forms to the Somerville office even faster for processing.

Shortly after discovering GoCanvas, Elge deployed two apps to the first half of that group which is equipped with new Android phones and tablets. The apps include a Filter Service Report and a Job Report, which capture the customer information, description of work performed, and the filter system cartridge rotation information. A single technician can fill out as many as 10 apps a day with GoCanvas so the cost and time savings were immediately evident.

Additionally, the apps were simple to build and are simpler to use. Other than utilizing signature capture and reference data to populate customer information based on the customer number entered, Elge’s apps really don’t use many of Canvas’s advanced features. No photos. No GPS. No calculations. It didn’t need them. So we didn’t include them.

The flexibility of the GoCanvas app builder allows you to make the simplest or most complicated application. Whatever you need for your business, you can make with GoCanvas. So if you’re trying to force the information your company needs to collect into a generic paper form, stop. We can help you build a customized app that suits your business perfectly. Start with a prebuilt template in our Application Store. Then a mobile app consultant like me will help you tweak your app until it’s just right. Contact for assistance.