Electric Car Tour Company Goes Greener with Electronic Waivers by GoCanvas on iPad

By Jason Good on July 13, 2012

ATL-Cruzers using electronic waivers by GoCanvas on iPadsWe get really pumped up here at GoCanvas when another green company starts using GoCanvas and becomes even greener!  But equally important are the efficiencies gained and the money saved by capturing data electronically instead of using paper forms.  GoCanvas is a win/win and one of our latest customers exemplifies why!  ATL-Cruzers is a tour company based in Atlanta, Georgia.  They provide the “Best First Thing to do in Atlanta” which is a tour of the city in a five-passenger open-air electric car!  How cool is that?

ATL-Cruzers using electronic waivers by GoCanvas on iPadsATL-Cruzers was launched in 2010 as a unique way to get a tour of the major sites in Atlanta in a short amount of time.  It is the “Best First Thing to do in Atlanta” because you will learn about all of the major sites along with restaurant recommendations and the social, political, and economic history of Atlanta.  In 75 minutes you will get a great overview of Atlanta giving you ideas of where you might spend more time visiting and eating while in town.  At ATL-Cruzers they are passionate about Atlanta, history, and providing their customers with an excellent experience.

Like most small business owners they are also looking for every advantage they can to save time and money so they can operate as efficiently as possible.  And providing their customers with a better experience that is more memorable for them doesn’t hurt either! 

ATL-Cruzers turned to GoCanvas because they were tired of using paper waiver forms.  With GoCanvas they can capture all of their customer’s information (name, where they are from, email address) electronically which gives them a great tool for analyzing their customer base so they can make better decisions about where and how to market their business.  All of the data they collect with GoCanvas can easily be exported as a CSV file and opened in Microsoft Excel.  Each customer is handed an iPad to enter their information into the customized GoCanvas App they created.  They can read the terms and conditions and then sign their name right on the iPad. 

Customers think it is cool and it helps ATL-Cruzers provide a more unique and memorable experience for them!  And that is a big benefit to ATL-Cruzers!  Just look what their customers are saying about them on TripAdvisor

GoCanvas has tons of pre-built waiver Apps in our Application Store.  All of them can be edited right online using our powerful App Builder tool.  This allows you to have your own customized waiver App that is tailored to the specific needs of your business. 

And the next time you are in Atlanta, go visit our friends at ATL-Cruzers and take a tour!  We’re glad to be partnered with another green business!