Do’s and Dont’s of Implementing Mobile Apps for Business

By nick linsmaye on February 13, 2014

If you’re like me, you want to go from 0 – 60 in no time when implementing a new solution at the office. But just as your car’s acceleration is limited by the laws of physics, so too is your company’s switch to mobile apps limited by the  laws of phase-ins, i.e., the slowness of people to realize the benefits of something new. Mobile apps, however, are inherently easy to implement, and the following do’s and dont’s should help make that switch even faster and easier.

Wish you were already at cruising speed? We’ll help you get you there quickly and smoothly (Skakerman, Source).

Do Establish a Core Group of Mobile App Advocates.

While it’s best to establish buy in from all who will benefit from GoCanvas right away, sometimes this isn’t possible for either personal or practical reasons. By having a coalition of early adopters on your side, you can facilitate momentum while encountering minimal resistance. Once others can notice the productivity gains of their earlybird coworkers, they’ll rush to do the same.

Don’t: Force People to Switch.

If faced with resistance, don’t feel the need to shoehorn your old guard employees into this new system. Instead, try to best explain the benefits of mobile apps. Talking up the benefits of time savings and productivity gains is especially important. Switching will make their lives easier, not harder.

Do: Stay Open to Other Uses for Mobile Apps.

While you might have originally decided to switch to mobile apps for one particular job type, remember that GoCanvas has thousands of apps to choose from in the application store. So whether it was a field technician, sales representative or executive assistant who originally switched to GoCanvas, know that there are countless ways to help other employees and the company as a whole benefit from mobile apps.

Don’t: Give up Due to Minor Issues.

While it is never easy to overcome inertia and make change, mobile apps will demonstrate their worth quickly, so just make it through the first couple of months, and things will only get easier. Once you get coworkers to realize the practically countless benefits of mobile apps and recall the ridiculous issues that they’re leaving behind, mobile apps will soon become an indispensable part of their day. Whether or not to have mobile apps will become as absurd a question as whether or not to exit the buggy whip business.

Do: Reach Out for Support

In addition to a bounty of helpful YouTube tutorials and a Help Center with loads of useful advice, Cavnas also offers hands-on support through our expert staff. They are happy to answer any residual questions you may have by phone, email, or computer tutorial.

While seemingly daunting, GoCanvas allows companies to move quickly and painlessly from implementation to relaxation while entirely avoiding frustration when your company upgrades to business apps.

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