Do you Lean In or Lean Back?

By mike squires on April 8, 2013

Someone said to me that Tablets are a “Leaning In” device that allows you to be productive, whereas a TV is a “Leaning Back” device devoid of productivity.

With Australian getting back to work after the Easter Long Weekend, I was reminded of a Webinar recently presented by CBS Interactive.

The script of this Webinar sounded like it came right of the GoCanvas Application Store.

This interactive 1-hour session was led by Andrew Griffiths, Australia’s No. 1 small business author, as he spoke to special guest Tim Reid, “The Ideas Guy” and host of Australia’s No. 1 marketing podcast. They showcased the top 10 practical examples and innovative use of tablets/wireless broadband from around the globe.

The discussion involved how innovative thinking combined with a tablet/wireless broadband can change the way that many businesses operate on a daily basis, perhaps increasing income streams, creating greater flexibility, and enhancing communication.

Andrew and Tim covered the Top Ten ideas on how you can enhance your business with Tablets.

Here are just four of the ideas that Andrew and Tim discussed.

  1. Restaurants, Bars and Cafes in Australia are handing Tablets to their customers, allowing a more interactive experience when choosing food and beverages. Customers can peruse nutritional information on the food they are about to order or wander through an extensive wine list with recommendations on vintages and what wine will go with your favourite dish. Many of these establishments will further enhance the engagement with their customers by allowing payment for the meal directly from the Tablet. The payback to the establishment is a speedier service and cutting costs whilst collecting real time buying habits of their clients.
  2. Training Seminars and Tablets allow a “training from anywhere” capability. In this vast Country of Australia where great distances must be covered, some training companies have their travelling Presenters hand out a Tablet to each attendee for use during the event. The result is better engagement, instant feedback and a fantastic opportunity for further marketing to the attendees.
  3. Tablet as a Tele-Prompter! If you have to give that presentation or speech and don’t feel comfortable being up on stage, why not use a Tablet as a Tele-Prompter? Think of all the extra notes you could have at your fingertips as you glide through your speech.
  4. Retail Stores: Think about the product knowledge and productivity you can empower your sales staff with if each one of them had a Tablet in their hands to help customers?
  5. Do you have a Medical or Dental Practice that is always running behind schedule? Think of how much time you would save by updating patient records from a Tablet? Are your patients sitting around your waiting room fuming about how late you are running? Give them Tablets which will allow new patients to register their details with your practice, do research on what they are visiting you about, or just surf the Internet instead of running their blood pressure up whilst waiting.

Every day, Australians are discovering new ways to build their businesses around Tablets and Smart Phones. GoCanvas is here to help with thousands of solutions in our Application Store.

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If you would like to listen to the Webinar and discover the other five examples of how tablets and wireless broadband technology are changing the small business owner’s world in a webinar click here