Development Company Lays Down Strong Foundation:  Uses GoCanvas to Automate Work Processes on iOS

By andy adams on June 20, 2012

Development Company Using GoCanvas and iOS to Automate Processes


A General Engineering Contractor based out of Southern California has begun automating their daily work processes by moving to mobile forms on smartphones and tablets.  Through the use of Canvas’s custom App Builder, this company has been able to create their very own apps, specific to their workflow.  With these apps they have been able to increase efficiency and accuracy of data collection and communication on Job Sites, with their Trucking Fleet, and in their Shop.

On Job Sites they have replaced paper timesheets, conversions and metrics sheets, and material tracking sheets with mobile apps.  Previously, they would need to fill out each of these sheets and then file it to be returned to the office at day’s end.  Once returned they would then be cataloged and indexed.  Now, using GoCanvas mobile apps, they collect data directly on their devices and submit the data back to the office where it is received and indexed instantly on Canvas’s secure server.

The use of mobile forms to track Fuel Logs in this contractor’s shop has also allowed for the accurate capturing and storing of information, as well as the ability to use this data for analytical purposes.  Such analysis has given this contractor a more holistic and accurate picture of expenses related to each job.  This use also extends beyond the shop to the trucking fleet itself.  Not only are the drivers hours able to be tracked, but also the delivery of materials, and depreciation of transportation assets.

Through the use of GoCanvas, this General Engineering Contractor is well on their way to going completely paperless.  To help automate your business processes, as well as cut down on costs and your Carbon Footprint, check out our Application Store or create your own Custom App today!