Craftsman Publishing Launches Mobile Application Store on GoCanvas with Focus on Contractors

By Michael Benedict on January 8, 2012

Construction Forms for Contractors Mobile Apps with Canvas

Construction Forms for Contractors Mobile Apps with Canvas

Craig Savage, Karen Mitchell and the publisher Ben Moselle of Craftsman Books are passionate about helping Craig Savage Mobile Apps with Canvascontractors run their business more effectively.  They are prolific writers and publishers of books, from their Contractor’s Guide To QuickBooks Pro series to their ground-breaking book Construction Forms For Contractors, which contains over 70 business forms for contractors. They put a premium on educating contractors, and when they started speaking with GoCanvas about creating mobile app versions of their forms, they didn’t just want “another contractor app,” rather, they wanted a contractor app that added value to the contractor.  Karen Mitchell Mobile Apps with Canvas

Canvas worked closely with Savage, Mitchell and Moselle to not only take all their contractor forms and turn them into mobile apps for smartphones and tablets, but to also add a screen in each app that explains the form’s purpose and when to use it.

If you’ve used their paper forms, you will love using their forms on your smartphone and tablet, where you can add images, GPS locations and yes, capture that all-important customer signature electronically.

Visit the Construction Forms For Contractors Application Store today.

You can also order the Construction Forms For Contractors book directly from Craftsman Book Publishing.