Convert More Than Just Your Forms: Workflow from GoCanvas

By keith bateman on August 15, 2017

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Streamlining More Than Just Forms

Many times people look at GoCanvas as just a form automation solution, but it is so much more.

Aside from helping companies to reduce the sheer amount of paperwork they have, the GoCanvas platform also assists in increasing their operational efficiency with mobile workflows. This includes taking information from the field and routing it to the right people, places, and devices that need to receive it. By removing the paper-based barriers of communication, information is able to flow across the organization in real-time and decisions can be made without delay.

Today, more companies are seeing the positive correlation between deploying mobile forms and workflow automation solutions, and the GoCanvas platform is perfect for companies looking to get the best of both worlds.  And by assisting in the automation of both the forms and workflow elements of a business, the average GoCanvas subscriber saves just over $45,000 upon deployment.

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Benefits of a Mobile Workflow Platform

The reasons to go paperless are pretty obvious, but figuring out how or why to implement a workflow solution may be harder to understand.

But think about it.

With paper, the process to convey information between one department(or person) to another can take hours, if not days, to complete. This delay is not only costing your company 100’s of hours in monthly efficiency, but it’s also putting constraints on your ability to make proactive and real-time decisions.

That’s why GoCanvas Workflow is so impactful.

This means that you’ll get custom workflow creation along with the advantages that come with using GoCanvas for data collection that include Barcode Scanning, GPS, Digital Signatures, Image Capture, and more. But the best part is that the GoCanvas platform allows you to create mobile workflows for almost any of your existing data collection processes. This includes:

  • TIme Sheets
  • Expense Reports
  • Estimates/Invoices
  • Change Orders
  • Service Orders
  • And more!

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How GoCanvas Workflow Works

GoCanvas Workflow simply works as an extension to the mobile forms that you have created or plan to.

Any mobile form can be modified so that it includes multiple steps of review, modification, and acceptance by various departments or personnel. These workflow processes can be as simple as a single “handoff” from a field-user to an office supervisor for final sign-off,  or as complex as 5+ different transfers across various departments who add their data input to the mobile form before it’s completed.

Canvas Workflow Manager

The beauty of GoCanvas Workflow is that you are in control of where the data goes from start to finish and can track it along its entire journey. GoCanvas gives you a Workflow Manager that allows you to see each step in the data collection process. This allows you to identify issues quickly (why is the form taking forever to be returned?), and know exactly who was the last person to have the mobile form in their possession.

This means issues can now be resolved in real-time without excuses or delays. Data is communicated through the proper channels while simultaneously being monitored and tracked by the office. This is something that you won’t EVER be able to replicate with a piece of paper, and it’s something that will increase your efficiency in a matter of weeks.

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How to Get Started with GoCanvas Workflow

It is super simple to get started creating custom workflows within your GoCanvas mobile forms. You can get a single workflow created and deployed in less than 10 minutes!

If you’re interested in learning more, check out the help topic and this awesome tutorial video:

Canvas Workflow Guide