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By The GoCanvas Team on June 25, 2021
Tags: Construction

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What is a work order in construction?

A construction work order is a document that details the exact work to be performed on a project. Typically the work order will have a description of the work and line items for time and material costs to perform the job or service. The purpose of the work order is to make sure that the client is aware of the work being performed and all parties involved have agreed on the scope of work. Clients know clearly what they are getting from the service and workers have a clear understanding of the job to be done when carrying out the work order.


How do you write a construction work order?

Construction work orders have historically been written out on paper forms, but more construction companies are moving away from this method. Some of the challenges with using paper forms include:

  • Lost work orders and delays or rework required
  • Illegible handwriting resulting in mistakes being made
  • Data entry and manual processes in the office

Instead of writing a construction work order on a paper form, companies are starting to leverage mobile technology in the field to generate digital work orders. The digital work order can be filled out via mobile forms on a tablet or phone, and a report is generated automatically in PDF format that is sent to the client by email.

The advances in mobile technology have made all of this simple for contractors and given companies the ability to create a competitive advantage with work. Advanced features like digital signatures and integrations with invoicing and payment processing tools make it easier to do business for everyone involved.


Free Construction Work Order Templates and Forms

Whether you chose to continue with paper forms or switch to mobile apps, most commonly companies will have a set of templates for writing their work orders. You can find a full set of digital work order templates available on the GoCanvas Application Store.

Using our no-code platform for building forms and apps, you can simplify the work order process for your business and increase your team’s productivity. Below you will find some of the most common types of construction work order templates. All of the GoCanvas templates can easily be customized to fit your exact business needs. Get started for free with the templates in this article or contact our team for a quick product demo to see how it works.


Construction work order template

The construction work order template provides contractors with a way to capture important contract details, including the scope of work, change orders, extra work authorization, materials and services requested, subcontractor fees, and hours worked.

Designed specifically for the construction industry, this app generates a work order template that syncs up with the construction contract, organizing and storing pertinent information for completing the requirements of those contracts. Key benefits include:

  • Track cost of materials, direct labor, and overhead to have more accurate bids for individual work orders and contractor proposals
  • Build digital work orders based on the scope of work
  • Generate an invoice upon completion of the project


construction work order template



Construction change order template

Change orders are needed when the scope of work changes due to unforeseen circumstances or new requests from the client that requires additional work. The construction change order template can be used to document the changes using a mobile device and instantly request the customer’s digital signature for your records. Reports are automatically generated, so the change order is sent via email as a PDF document to show the change order. Change orders are very common in complex construction projects that are hard to predict every project detail. When change orders happen, use this mobile app to simplify the process for project managers and clients, and give all parties complete visibility in real-time to project changes as they happen.


construction change order template


Construction stop work order template

The construction stop work mobile app provides a template that can be used when stopping work is necessary due to incidents that arise. Such infractions may include nonpayment of workers’ compensation insurance, improper safety practice, permit or licensing violations, substandard building materials, or lack of sediment controls required for pollution prevention.

The stop work mobile app provides the form to document items such as project name, project number, individual’s name of the letter, contractor, and subcontractors. Use this as a template and you can also customize the template to fit your exact business requirements for the project.


construction stop work template



Construction work order and invoice template

For field service workers and contractors, it can be useful to have a construction work order template that also has an invoice for the client after completion of the work. Using GoCanvas, contractors can generate the work order, dispatch the appropriate workers in the field, generate a digital invoice, and collect payment from the customer. This streamlined process creates a competitive advantage for contractors and service businesses that deal directly with the client. The entire process can be handled via a mobile device and reports are stored in the cloud to eliminate unnecessary paperwork and data entry.

Access the work order and invoice template here to see how it works.


work order and invoice template