Competing in the $22 Trillion Retail Industry: How to Incorporate Mobile Forms into Your Business

By keith bateman on July 8, 2016

How Mobile Forms are Changing Retail

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, U.S. retail sales have increased by an average of 4.5% for the past 23 years and made up 5.8% of the national GDP. Competition in this industry is fierce, especially for companies trying to compete for shelf space. Many times the difference between making a profit and operating at a loss is not about customers, but more about internal efficiency.

The way retail companies collect and share information plays a pivotal role in every aspect of their business. If the right information isn't being collected on time or being reported to the right people, then it's useless because real-time decisions cannot be made.

Watch the webinar and learn how the retail industry is changing the way they collect and share their data by going mobile. 


  • To identify slow & efficient data collection processes
  • To increase productivity & reduce liability with mobile forms
  • How two global retailers went paperless and saved millions in productivity
  • How much $$ you could save by switching from paper

Watch how the Retail industry is making the switch from paper to mobile!



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