Commercial Parking Facility Replaces Dated Electronic Solution with GoCanvas Mobile Apps on Blackber

By kalliopi vlastos on September 7, 2011

pargking garage inspections with Canvas

A Pennsylvania-based commercial parking facility operator has made the switch from a dated, customized electronic solution to GoCanvas Mobile Apps on Blackberry. The company, which boasts over 100 locations that include both garages and lots, has replaced their costly customized solution for performing inspections with a single GoCanvas app that does it all and more.

The application uses a series of lists to replicate and improve upon the complex and expensive system previously installed at the company.  Employees can now perform inspections right on their Blackberrys and no longer have to carry multiple devices with them as they travel to various parking facility locations.

The inspection app takes full advantage of Canvas’scapabilities by utilizing both reference data and advanced lists. The company even integrated GoCanvas with its backend system using our webservices API. Now data is pulled directly into their own database, for maximum efficiency.

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