GoCanvas Relaunches its Application Store

By Michael Benedict on March 7, 2014

When GoCanvas first launched its Application Store, we had the simple goal of wanting to help any person, in any industry and job function, find a mobile app that could replace the paper form they were using.   Over the last couple of years, our store has expanded mightily from a just a few hundred apps to over 13,000.  Users from all kinds of industries across the globe are sharing their apps into the store, and partners of all stripes are knocking on our door looking to convert their libraries of forms into apps.  With all this expansion however, there has come a need to help visitors navigate the Store to find just what they need – very quickly.

Last week, we relaunched our Application Store.  What you will immediately notice is a new navigation structure in the right hand column.  It allows you to filter, in a just a few seconds, the entire Application Store to just a handful of apps, based on your selection criteria.  Here are the ways you can now filter your search (in addition to using the search box at the top):

  • Industry – whether you are in healthcare, hospitality, construction or another field, you can see the breadth and depth of how your industry is going paperless.
  • Sub-Category –you can drill down to your specialization and see the apps just for you, whether you’re a plumber, an occupational therapist, or an attorney.
  • Type – this allows you to select the function you want to complete as a mobile app.  In plain English, this means you have the ability to filter by inspections, work orders, waivers and a lot more.  You can even select multiple “Types” at once.
  • Country and Language– GoCanvas is going global very quickly. So if your business is in Australia, Singapore, South Africa, Mexico, the Netherlands or elsewhere, you can find apps for your business –relevant to your country and in your language.

While you are perusing the store, check out some of our new Content Partners. These are companies that have partnered with GoCanvas to convert their forms into mobile apps, and make them available to anyone.  If you’re in construction in the Netherlands, check out Bartels Datastore.  Looking to conform to South African labour regulations? You will find the apps you need in the Forms Unlimited Application Store. Do you need an employee work schedule or a video production contract? You will definitely want to visit Business Form Template’s Application Store.

GoCanvas works tirelessly to expand its Application Store. We want you to find what you need in our store, no matter where you are located in the world, and no matter what industry you work in, or your job specialization – or even the type of form you want to fill out on that elegant iPad.  That’s a tall order, but we are up to the challenge.

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