GoCanvas Mobile Apps – Why They Sell Themselves in Australia

By andrew cantle on March 18, 2013

GoCanvas Replaces Paper Forms in Australia

I’ve just hit the three-month mark as MD of GoCanvas Asia Pacific and most of my energy has been spent getting the Sydney office up and running, as our launch pad into the wider Asia Pac region. We’re rapidly growing our customer base, building the local GoCanvas team and establishing some solid channel partnerships that will ensure a large number of small and medium-sized businesses, Government and Enterprises will get to hear how easy it is to replace their paper forms with mobile business apps from GoCanvas and mobile devices.

My introduction has been relatively easy because way before I came on board at GoCanvas, Australians were already embracing GoCanvas mobile apps; so I’ve had plenty of existing customers and partners to talk to from the outset.

Canvas Mobile Forms in Australia

Having spent much of my career in technology sales, I’m more than used to readying my sales pitch and having to tell the ‘story’ many times over to get any traction, so I’ve been taken aback by the immediate appetite for GoCanvas mobile apps I’ve seen from the start in Australia. I hardly ever get through my slick PowerPoint presentation before the smiles and nods start.

People here just get it.

Four Reasons Why Mobile Forms are Popular In Australia

Now I know I’m not a sophisticated salesman, so I’ve been pondering recently why the appetite for GoCanvas is so strong. Here are my theories:

1.  Australians love mobile phones and mobile gadgets. In fact they are 2nd only to Singapore for smartphone penetration. 70% of Australians already own one as we roll through 2013. Tablets, too, are on the rise.

2.  Small and medium business is huge in Australia. 99% of Australian business is in the small and medium category. These types of businesses use vast amounts of paper today and can immediately see the benefits of moving their work orders, invoices, expense reports, etc to mobile apps.

3.  Paper is everywhere. Before joining GoCanvas, paper was invisible to me. Just a part of the business world I never questioned. Now that I’m focused on it, I’m amazed at how prevalent it is, when we know there’s a better way to do business. I’ve seen forms in real estate, construction, mining, food services, healthcare, even Telco companies! It’s literally everywhere and GoCanvas is well on the way to changing that.

4.  Australians act to improve their environment. The fact that Australia has the world’s highest carbon tax is a pretty solid indicator that they care about the environment and they’re willing to do something about cleaning up after themselves. Using technology to reduce paper usage is right up Australia’s alley.

Try GoCanvas

Nowadays it’s not unusual for customers and partners to list the benefits of GoCanvas to me and for me to come away knowing more than I did before. GoCanvas mobile apps literally do sell themselves. Moments like this remind me what a good choice it was to join the GoCanvas team.

Next stop. The rest of Asia Pacific! When you are ready to convert your business to mobile apps, request a demo with the GoCanvas team. Our experts will help you get started with our resources, guidance for getting started, and thousands of mobile apps for free today!