GoCanvas Mobile Application Store for Business Launches for Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phones

By James W Quigley on February 16, 2010

GoCanvas Mobile Application Store for Business Launches for Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phones and Netbooks

Customizable Mobile Apps Help Businesses Reduce Expenses and Improve Productivity by Making It Easy to Connect, Collect and Share Information across their Business Communities

Herndon, VA —February 17, 2010 — GoCanvas today announced a new mobile application store focused on businesses and mobile professionals. The GoCanvas application store (www.gocanvas.com/mobile-forms-apps) offers over 200 mobile business apps published by its user community. Besides its focus on the business market, the offering is notably different from other mobile application stores because anyone can customize these apps using just a web browser, and the apps run on the majority of smartphones and netbooks in the market today. Forecasts for worldwide shipments of smartphones to businesses will grow significantly over the next five years, creating a large market opportunity for mobile business apps that can run on a variety of smartphone models.

“SMBs have indicated a strong willingness to procure mobile business applications through application stores,” says Timothy Doherty, Associate Research Analyst for SMB Mobility, IDC. “It is increasingly important that any solution aimed at the small business space be predictably priced, preferably without a need for heavy up-front investment; offer measurable cost savings; and be fast and easy to deploy or customize.”

Focus on Business Professionals

The GoCanvas application store offers a wide variety of mobile applications that mobile professionals and businesses can use to connect while they’re mobile, collect valuable information, and collaborate with other people. With application stores now offered by most smartphone providers, millions of consumers have discovered they can use apps on their phone for fun. Meanwhile, businesses have still had to rely on expensive software development to get apps customized for their data collection needs. GoCanvas now offers an application store that is focused on businesses with apps customized for different industries and business processes. “iPhone has made mobile apps a mainstream market, but businesses have still been under served,” said Jim Quigley, co-founder and CEO of GoCanvas, “We built GoCanvas to make it easy for any business in any industry to find an app for any data collection need.”

Canvas Mobile App Store for Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Netbook
GoCanvas Application Store

Customizable for Every Industry or Business Need

From farmers to factory workers, builders to bankers, teachers to truck drivers, government to gas stations, professionals in any industry can get a GoCanvas app suited to their needs. Apps are categorized by industry, business function and personal need. Users can search for apps by keyword, check out featured apps, or browse by frequently used tags. Videos and screen shots preview the apps running on various smartphone models, while ratings and reviews indicate the relative quality of each application. “We designed our application store to make it easy to see how mobile applications can help a business be more productive,” said Marc Austin, co-founder and COO of GoCanvas. “If our application store doesn’t have just the right app, our customers can use their web browser to customize any of our apps or publish their own in just a few minutes. Many of the apps in our store came from our client and partner network , and very few of our users are software developers by trade.”

Run on Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phones and Netbooks

Unlike application stores offered by Apple, Google, Microsoft or Research in Motion, GoCanvas offers apps that run on the majority of smartphones and netbooks in the market today. The GoCanvas service offers more than just mobile apps, too. The GoCanvas web site offers secure data storage and hosting for analysis and collaboration with configurable web reporting, PDF document management and web services for integrating mobile data with other business systems.

About Canvas

GoCanvas (www.gocanvas.com) makes it easy to publish data collection apps on wireless smartphones, reducing paper consumption, redundant data entry and excess process for businesses and mobile professionals. The GoCanvas software service enables mobile professionals to collect information using their smartphones, analyze that data on the GoCanvas web site, and share information across their business community. Founded in October, 2008, GoCanvas Solutions, Inc is headquartered in Herndon, VA.


James Quigley