GoCanvas Launches Public Safety Mobile Application Store, GoCanvas For Emergency and Safety Workers

By James W Quigley on April 7, 2012

Public Safety Mobile Apps

GoCanvas launchs public safety mobile application store.  Providing a growing catalog of mobile data collection applications for organizations, government teams and groups involved in the prevention and protection of the public from events that endanger their safety.   Public safety mobile apps in the past have been expensive, have only worked on a few mobile devices and have been hard to configure or customize.  With GoCanvas offering applications for public safety workers, police and fire departments, emergency response workers and even neigborhood watch teams can download, customize or create their own mobile applications for the wide variety of data collection needs they have.  Connecting in real time and “sharing” that data back in a dynamic fashion on nearly every mobile device.  

Just some examples of organizations in the public safety arena using GoCanvas today include: Fireman Mobile Apps

  • Fire Departments: Completing fire inspections of safety equipment.  Collecting and connecting that data back real time, including data like image capture and GPS data.  Click here for an example of a similiar application in the GoCanvas Application Store.

Police Office Mobile App

  • Police / Parking Attendent Workers:  Completing parking citations/tickets from their mobile devices.  Scanning VINS, and collecting time/date, location and even images of vehicles who are in violation.  Click here for an example of a similiar application in the GoCanvas Application Store.
  • Security Personnel: Showing up on scene after a security alarm goes off, in the past was a very paper based process with voice being the primary means of connection with those workers and situations.  With GoCanvas you can connect real time, collect critical and vital information and share that information not only with the home or business owner but with your management.  Click here for an example of a similiar application in the GoCanvas Application Store. 
  • EMT/EMS Mobile Apps CanvasEMS/EMT – Emergency Medical Personnel:  Collecting key critical information on the ambulances, and medical situation, patients and more.  All made easy with GoCanvas.  Whether it is EMT/EMS apps, or ambulance checklists here are just a few example of how subscribers are using our public safety apps in the field.


GoCanvas and our partners will continue to add applications to the GoCanvas Public Safety Application Store. Until then check out our current catalog of public safety apps in the Application Store.