GoCanvas Featured in Capital Business News – 5 Leading Companies Focused on the Business of Mobility

By James W Quigley on March 7, 2011

Capital Business News Canvas


From the plumber's receipt after a house call to the membership form at a health club, James Quigley sees a lot of unnecessary paper. He launched Canvas in late 2008 as a way for businesses to replace paperwork and eliminate data entry with mobile apps.

“We saw a number of very analog tasks that were still left around that needed to be digitized,” he said. “Companies who are buying mobile devices in bulk now are wanting to get more out of those devices, so that's absolutely what our whole vision was and we've been growing quickly since we launched the service.”

Indeed, the Reston-based company has its own application store that contains blank forms that might be used in industries as varied as hospitality, education, utilities and government. There's a form to track users' diabetes and yet another for their golf scores.

GoCanvas counts about 1,000 paid users, Quigley said, a number that continues to climb month over month. “We're hoping with the growth that we're seeing now, which has been very dramatic, that we'll be able to fund our growth from our own revenue.”

Quigley said many of his customers are companies that use the forms internally. But a nascent use that the firm continues to develop is for the surveys or evaluations that retailers, restaurants and others can send to customers via mobile phones.” 

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