GoCanvas Expands Waiver Mobile Apps For All Kinds of Activities

By Michael Benedict on September 4, 2012

Waiver Mobile Apps on Canvas

GoCanvas has just launched dozens of new Waiver apps.  These days, Waivers are needed for all kinds of activities, and businesses are very smart to use them to protect themselves. GoCanvas Waiver apps make it easy for you to quickly have a potential participant review and sign your waiver.  Many of our Waivers also come with house rules, so participants know up front what’s allowed and what isn’t.

Once a participant signs your Waiver app, a PDF is created that you can immediately email to them.  Best of all? Their signed waiver is stored in your GoCanvas account’s Submissions folder.  So you don’t have to worry about lost waivers – you can access the waivers completed and stored in your GoCanvas account from any secure web browser.  And unlike waivers completed on pen and paper, you can assign a field as “Required,” ensuring those signing your waiver thoroughly complete them.  Also, you no longer have to contend with illegible handwriting, as waivers are now typed vs. handwritten.  All GoCanvas Waivers can be easily tailored based on your attorney’s review and recommendations.

Here’s a small sampling of the waiver apps in the GoCanvas Application Store: Rodeo Participation Waiver for Minors, Equine Stables Release from Liability, Deep Diving Waiver, Water Fowl Hunting Waiver, Go Kart Waiver of Liability, etc. Find the waiver for your specific activity by searching for it at GoCanvas Waivers.  And let us know ASAP if you DON’T see the waiver you need.  All new subscribers to GoCanvas receive a 30-Day Free Trial, so there’s no risk to try going paperless.  Remember: it’s always a good idea to have your attorney review any waiver before you deploy it!