GoCanvas and Purple Patch: Partnering in the Philippines

By katie simpson on October 9, 2013

Our final stop on our Asia-Pacific tour is the Philippines. We’re not the only ones who think GoCanvas is a great option for businesses in the Philippines: Our partner based in Manila, Purple Patch, does too! I had a chance to talk today with Karthik, their CEO, over the phone.


Purple Patch’s partnership with GoCanvas began in March 2013. They were interested in working with mobile platforms because, “the global market is moving towards mobility” Karthik said. “With over a billion smartphones in the marketplace, more companies can enable and use that mobility to their advantage.” Karthik also saw a huge ROI in mobile apps. “Everyone in the field can be productive. It’s also a more secure and simpler way of completing transactions.” Working with mobile apps would give his clients a competitive edge.

Still, plenty of companies sell mobile apps. GoCanvas stood out for a few reasons. The application store was a huge draw because “it took traditional paper process and digitized them rapidly and seamlessly”. As industries, like construction, continue to grow in the Philippines, GoCanvas helps organizations easily transition to mobile apps.

As partners, they saw firsthand how easy it was to take a paper form and digitize it with GoCanvas. For Purple Patch, all training initially occurred remotely. It wasn’t a problem for their employees: After just one day of training, their employees can create up to 10 apps a day!

Moving forward, everyone is excited about this partnership. Both sides will continue to create content to build out the application store. As Purple Patch helps their clients see the benefit of mobile apps, GoCanvas continues to work on making our product even better.

Are you an organization based in the Philippines? We’d love to meet with you! Contact us at sales@gocanvas.com

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