Canadian Logging Company Cuts Down on Paper with GoCanvas on iOS

By andy adams on July 28, 2012

Canadian Logging Company Cuts Down on Paper with GoCanvas on iOS

A logging company based out of Alberta, CA has started using a wide variety of mobile apps to replace their everyday paper forms.

Before going mobile, this company would fill out countless forms each month ranging from vehicle inspections and work orders, to material requisition forms.  Each of these forms would be filled out by an employee on work sites where they would be susceptible to damage from things like dirt, then sent back to the office to be sorted, indexed, and filed.  These forms would come back at the end of the day or week, creating a time lapse in the flow of information.

Once the move was made to mobile apps on iPads, these forms are completed, instantly submitted to administrators via email, and automatically indexed and stored on Canvas’s secure server, all without the risk of damage to the form!  Because their work often takes these workers to remote locations, it was important for this company to find a solution that could work even without an internet connection.  With their custom apps from GoCanvas, they are able to fill out any necessary data and submit it as normal.  Once an internet connection is reestablished these submissions are automatically uploaded back to GoCanvas and distributed.

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