Brookhaven National Laboratory manages Operational Emergencies with Mobile Apps on Canvas

By andy adams on May 27, 2012

Brookhaven National Labs Mobile Apps with Canvas

Brookhaven National Laboratory, a U.S. Department of Energy facility, has started using GoCanvas on Android and iOS to improve the flow of information critical to operational integrity.  By moving from paper forms to GoCanvas apps, this Brookhaven generates reports on any operational emergencies and communicates them near instantaneously.

Brookhaven uses an app that was custom built using our App Builder to record all vital information about any emergencies, as they occur, and then relays this information back to emergency response teams as well as all facility controllers.  By utilizing GoCanvas to gather and distribute this critical information, they have been able to increase speed and help ensure data accuracy by utilizing dynamic features such as our GPS capture.  As the timeliness and accuracy of this information is critical to the operational safety of the facility, the move from paper forms and verbal radio reports to fast mobile forms was essential.

Once the emergency has been dealt with and things put back to a normal state, the laboratory can then pair additional investigative findings with their initial event reports, stored on Canvas’s secure server.

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