BravoZulu Fire Safety & Security Launches Application Store on!

By Michael Benedict on July 18, 2013
Tags: GoCanvas Partner News

Bruce came to GoCanvas to help him develop, promote and market the concept of safety forms as mobile apps.  He had the forms – 48 so far and counting – and just needed the technology to develop and launch them.  Using the GoCanvas App Builder, Bruce personally built all 48 apps himself in only two weeks, while working full time no less, and with the help of GoCanvas, was able to launch his BravoZulu Fire Safety & Security Application Store on in just 48 hours!

All the BravoZulu apps are now open to the public for immediate downloading. Here’s a just a small sampling from his Application Store. Hazardous Substances Inspection, Slips, Trips and Falls Checklist, Post Incident Processes Checklist, Noise Checklist, Fire Exits and Procedures Checklist, Security Processes Checklist and so many, many more. See the full list of his apps by clicking HERE.

All of BravoZulu’s apps come with a FREE Trial.  Experience the convenience of completing your forms as mobile apps right on your mobile device by Signing Up today!