Bar Coding in a new generation

By Chris Morrisette on January 16, 2010

Certainly organizations have taken advantage of Bar Code Scanning applications for years now and typically through more historically expensive, ruggedized or semi-ruggedized hand held hardware.

Like with many things when price and complexity drop – the ability to take advantage of technology in new and interesting ways opens up and so is the case for Bar Code related applications.

What has changed…

  • In the last 5 years alone, rugged and semi rugged mobile bar code scanning hardware prices have dropped nearly in half
  •  The wide spread proliferation of Smartphones, and integrated bar code scanning software that works with those device’s Cameras has dramatically increased. i.e. For several months this summer one of the number one selling iPhone applications was a bar code scanning app.
  •  The ability to create your own bar code scanning experiences has gotten easier, faster and more economical. No longer do you just have to buy a canned bar code scanning application and be satisfied that is all you will use bar code scanning for.

With GoCanvas integrating Bar Code scanning into one of any prebuilt or built from scratch mini applications has never been easier and with the average application taking less than 30 minutes to build from scratch it has never been faster. Plus you can move your bar code scanning applications to your smartphones and ruggedized hardward all with a push of a button.

Check out our library for a number of pre-built applications to see how you can get more out of your bar code scanners!

GoCanvas Mobile Applications which can integrate with bar code scanners