Australian Healthcare Company Injects Efficiency Into Their Business Using GoCanvas Mobile Forms

By andrew cantle on November 2, 2013

An Australian-wide healthcare company is rolling out a GoCanvas pilot. They manage hundreds of contract nurses to visit remote parts of Australia who administer injections to patients.

Before: Sluggish with Paper

Before GoCanvas, they used simple clipboards and paper to capture customer information and record the injections. Not only was this process slow, but also required nurses to send all the paperwork to an office for the data to be retyped. This risked lost forms and was inefficient.

With a simple GoCanvas form, they now collect all the customer information on their smartphone / tablet, whilst also capturing additional information such as patient photograph and signature. They even expanded their information to include a GPS capture of where the form was completed.

After: More Time, More Money

Thus, GoCanvas dramatically increased speed of data collection and storage, whilst allowing them to serve more patients each day. As the business is paid on the number of patients served, this boosted cash-flow and enabled the business to take on more work.

The company was most impressed by the fact that GoCanvas works on nearly all smartphones and tablets. The nurses are able to use their own devices (BYOD), and don’t require any extra investment in equipment. So the company get a massive return on investment from day one!

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