Android on the rise! With 21% of Smartphone buyers saying they will purchase one, passing Blackberry

By James W Quigley on January 22, 2010

Great article from Changewave research on the interest in Smartphones:

Most interesting facts from this report:

  • Interest in Android devices has increased and… dramatically. Just since Sept. where 6% of smartphone buyers said they were interested in purchasing Androids.. .Today… 21% of potential Smartphone buyers now say they are going to buy an Android. To put this into context.. Blackberry is 18% and the juggernaut iPhone has recently shrunk from 31% to 28%.
  • 42% of all U.S. Consumers now own a Smartphone… up from 16% in 2007.
  • RIM/Blackberry is still the Smartphone leader from a market share perspective with 39% marketshare and holding fairly steady, iPhone is 2nd with 31%.

These charts are even more telling:

The growth of smartphones and Android is amazing.