7 Great Mobile Apps for Field Workers

By katie simpson on August 13, 2014

The number of companies with a mobile workforce continues to grow. Meanwhile, mobile technology is finally starting to become impactful for field service businesses and other businesses that employ deskless workers. Sure there are a lot of great mobile apps, but what mobile applications will make field work easier, faster, or more fun?

These 7 mobile apps for field workers make work more productive and can save you and your team hundreds of hours.

1. Automate it with IFTT

Automate it with If This Then That

When working outside, knowing the weather helps you do more than just get to work: it helps you plan your day. If This Then That (IFTT) is a web-based application that allows you to set up powerful automations. Get your daily weather reminder, news highlights and more with If This Then That. 

IFTT can help you be prepared for field work, and let you focus on the more critical tasks at hand, whether you’re a full-time field technician or just someone that spends time outside of the office.

2. Easy reading with Flipboard

Flipboard Homepage

Have a few minutes to kill? Why not catch up on the news? Flipboard creates a great visual layout to read the news you’re interested in. Collect the stories you want to read. Whether it’s the latest stories your friends share on facebook or twitter, or the latest news in your industry, Flipboard provides an easy to read experience wherever you go.

3. Stay connected with Skype

Horizontal Screen Image

You may have used Skype on your computer to chat with people, but did you know that you can also use it on your mobile device? If your work takes you away from home for long spans of time, Skype is an affordable way to stay in touch. Just like their desktop version, you can call over wifi, 3G or 4G for free.

3. Protect your files with My Secret Folder

When you use your phone for work, there are some files you can’t afford to lose. With My Secret Folder, you can securely store and hide these files. And the best part?  In minutes after your phone is stolen the app will email you a photo of the thief. 

While this is only available for iPhone, there are some other great android options found by Techtrix

4. Avoid telemarketers and more with Call Blocker

You’re in the middle of an important job…and your phone rings. You pick up and what do you find? You’ve won a free vacation, or other spam. 

NQ Call Blocked

Call Blocker is an app for Android that allows you to keep your number private, or block unwanted callers. Even better, you can set up an auto reply to certain calls, so you don’t even have to say no thanks yourself. Less work vetting strange numbers, and more time getting your real work done.

5. Create easy visuals with LectureNotes

Do you ever find yourself scrambling for paper and pen to draw a diagram for a customer or a colleague? If you have a large Android phone or tablet, LectureNotes allows you to easily create a sketch with a stylus. Ditch the paper, but keep the visuals. 


6. Collect and share information in real time with GoCanvas

Yes this is our own app, but we all know the struggle getting forms from the field back to your office. Maybe you have to carry a pen and clipboard, or struggle through emails to find the address for your next service call. 

With GoCanvas, you can burn those paper forms. Invoices, service calls, inventories, or safety inspections call all be filled out on your smart phone or tablet. You don’t have to deal with messy clipboards and your office gets the information back in real time. 

Even better? Our light dispatch system lets your office to pre-populate forms with the information on your days work. Open your GoCanvas app and see all the information you need for your day’s work. Send us your current paper form, and we’ll convert it into a custom mobile app for free.

7. Remember everything with Evernote

Evernote’s tagline isn’t an understament: This app allows you to take notes, bookmark online pages, even take photos, or do audio memos. This can be handy for work, as a to-do list for the day. You can even created shared notebooks with co-workers, or your spouse (super helpful when your wife asks you to bring home some milk).

To make Evernote even better GoCanvas has a an integration with Evernote, allowing you to not only remember everything, but get that information in real time. 

When your work takes you anywhere but home, these 9 apps are great for helping you get things done, stay connected, protect your information, and make your work an easier and more fun experience. 

Any apps you want to recommend? Leave us a comment and let us know! 

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