7 Must Have Apps for Weddings

By mary qin on May 21, 2014

Photo credit: Jeff Belmonte

With the weather warming up and the remnants of winter finally ebbing away, wedding season is upon us! For the next few months, an extraordinary number of couples will be exchanging vows, tying the knot, getting hitched… and if you’re engaged or know a couple who is, you’ll want to know about these apps to help you get to (and through) the big day. I’ve done the research as I prepare to plan my own wedding and whittled it down to these superstar apps to help make the most memorable and stress-free experience possible.

Before the Wedding:

1. Couple – This is an app that my fiancé and I use to keep connected as a, well, couple. It’s more versatile than normal messaging apps or text messages and it’s more personal than social media apps. The whole point of the wedding is to celebrate a relationship, so it’s important to ensure that the two of you get a chance to stay connected through it all.

Couple creates a private timeline for you to share as a couple. It helps you stay in touch through messages, photos, videos, voice recordings, sketches, and even Thumbkisses! If you don’t have anything specific to say, you can send a “thinking of you” ping just to let your significant other know they’re on your mind. For the more practical things, you can keep a calendar of important dates like each other’s birthdays and your anniversary date(s). There are also Lists for shared tasks and to-do lists so you both can keep track of everything!

My favorite feature is the sketching, where we can draw each other goofy pictures and express ourselves beyond taking a photo or writing a message. I never knew about my fiancé’s artistic skills until he started drawing me really adorable sketches. You can even do Live Sketch, which allows you both to draw together no matter how far away you are from each other.

My fiance’s rendition of a transformer

2. Wedding Photography Contracts – When it comes to the actual planning and preparation for the wedding, one of the important legal things to do is get the “paperwork” in order. But in this day and age, who still needs paper? Take care of everything digitally with GoCanvas. You can fill out contracts like this one for your wedding photographer(s) on your smartphone or tablet. You’ll have all your data stored for you on the cloud, so you don’t have to keep stacks of records for yourself. You can also email a copy to the contractors to keep everyone on the same page.

3. Appy Couple – The ease of creating your own customized wedding page now comes in app form with Appy Couple! Create your very own wedding app and website in one go with this app. You can choose from hundreds of designs and include all sorts of content, like an event timeline, a guestbook, directions to the venues, a guest list, links to gift registries, and more. Invite guests to your wedding app and they’ll get all the information they need to prepare for the big day too! Note that this costs you $35.

4. WeddingParty – Between WeddingParty and Appy Couple, just one of them would suffice, so it really comes down to preference with this one. If you’re looking for a free solution and don’t mind that it isn’t as customizable when it comes to the look and feel, WeddingParty’s your app. It offers events listings, registry links, accommodation information, a guestbook, guest list, and more. Take a look at them both and decide for yourself which interface you like better. Either app will get you well on your way to sharing all the details of your wedding with your chosen guests!

5. Wanderable – As a newlywed couple, you’ll want to hop on a plane straight to some exotic location for your honeymoon, won’t you? Oh wait, except you spent nearly your whole life savings on this wedding! Set up a honeymoon registry to have your guests help you out and contribute towards your travel plans. This app makes it easy for wedding guests to contribute towards some amazing experiences for the bride and groom. Don’t be afraid to start dreaming of that perfect honeymoon now! Wanderable can get you there.

During the Wedding:

Photo Credit: Prospect Park Alliance

6. WedPics – Everyone at the wedding is bound to take a ton of photos and videos during the event. How do you get access to it all though? Make it easy for guests to share their pictures and videos so the happy couple and the other guests can see what moments have been captured. It’s a fantastic way to build a repository of media from the eyes of all those in attendance.

7. Gift Tracker – It can be pandemonium trying to keep track of who gifted you what at your wedding, so using an app to track all that can keep you organized. This GoCanvas app will ensure you don’t forget to send a thank you note by capturing all the relevant details of the gift, including what it is, who gave it to you, and even pictures of the gifts! If you want to get super fancy, you can get a custom PDF created to automatically email a message that personalizes each PDF with the person’s name and thanks for the specific gift they gave you.

After all that prepping, you’ll be well on your way to having a blast at your wedding, thanks to a bunch of apps that all fit on your handy dandy smartphone or tablet. Don’t you feel bad for all the couples who had to plan weddings and deal with the aftermath without all these great apps?